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Thanks Melua. An interesting article which if the acquisition goes ahead bodes well for the company, assuming of course that R&D keeps the product's 'position' in the marketplace.

Hopefully there will be an announcement prior to Christmas on the DD etc. outcome.


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The opportunity is huge, hence the decision by LogiTag to go public via QUR and raise capital to accelerate the expansion. I understand the biggest short term opportunity is in the USA hospital system however the technology has more applications other than in the healthcare sector.


Currently 168M shares on issue after the latest placement. If the deal was signed off over the weekend then the vendors receive 290M shares in QUR. 120M performance share are to be issued later as milestones are hit. Public raising via prospectus will raise approx $10M.


Right now the market cap excluding the public raising and performance shares is (168M + 290M) X 6.3c = $29M


That appears to be a conservative valuation in my opinion. I think a more appropriate valuation now is around $60M or 12c per share.



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