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In reply to: pski on Tuesday 02/05/06 01:00pm



If you think Silver Sands was a disappointing result, then you need to spend more time analysing wells.


2 layers, one at 200 bopd, one at 800 bopd ... if that was in Texas, you'd have front page news.


Ian Whitchurch

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In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Tuesday 02/05/06 02:16pm

sorry followers of this thread - i dont know how else to get Ians attention re ICN......


Attn Ian Witchurch......


Hi Ian, hope you dont mind asking directly.

what are you thoughts on icn ?

their first Bayou Chactow drill appears to have been successful, and their recent announcement of farm in by Santos on Stich well looks very promising.

Given your expertise in this sector, would you mind sharing an analysis of icns prospects?

I have taken positions @ 5.3c and 7.1cents, thanks to sandunes tips on HC....pls advise.

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QUOTE (lyndon_webster @ Wednesday 10/05/06 03:41pm)

Massive day for COE... up 10.5% on now news. There's either a "buy" recommendation out from one of the big brokers or a rumour floating around about something...


Tomorrow should be interesting... speeding ticket perhaps..?

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QUOTE (ballcrusher @ Thursday 18/05/06 01:13pm)

Just checked, seems as though they are very close.


Santos hits oil at third Indonesia well


May 18, 2006 - 11:10AM


Oil and gas producer Santos Ltd says it has had encouraging flow results from the third appraisal well at its Jeruk oil discovery in Indonesia.


Initial testing of the deep well 4.9 kilometres underground saw oil flow at a choked-back rate of about 3,200 barrels per day through a 6.5mm choke, with the flow constrained by surface facility limitations.


The latest well is 1.8 kilometres from the first well Santos drilled at Jeruk, which lies off the northern coast of East Java.


Santos, which has a 40.5 per cent stake in the field and is project operator, now plans to drill deeper and carry out more flow testing before moving on to drill a further two appraisal wells before the end of the year.


At 1016 AEST Santos shares were down 13 cents to $11.4

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I have made a composite map of the Madura island area from maps from CUE, Medco Energi and COE. See attached.


Its not possible to say whelter COEs prospects will be gas or oil or water discoveries till they are tested with a drill bit.


Though the discovered large fields on Madura Island have tended to be gas prone.


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