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In reply to: Mensa on Wednesday 04/01/06 04:43pm

Major downside ( say 40-42 ) shouldnt be a serious possibility until after (if) Madura is dry.


I personally reckon the days of 40-42 are gone, esp if POO stays above $55 which is likely.


If Fairbridge is dry, maybe we go back to 48-50 for a few days...no big deal.


Madura in April or so is not far away and there are 2/3 more Cooper Basin drills happening straight after Fairbridge to keep the interest up.

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I have watched happily as COE has risen like a baking cake but I am concerned that it might be time to take the cake out of the oven. Does anyone have an approximate boken down valuation for each COE asset they would like to share with us?


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QUOTE (marcusm @ Thursday 05/01/06 10:06pm)

Yep, Wrote it off a couple of days ago.


Though they said they wern't going to continue drilling to planned Total Depth (150m from where they made it).


Obviously they think they have a better chance of going and starting their next hole (Strickland).


Spud date estimate anyone?

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