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In reply to: Boman on Thursday 22/12/05 09:13pm



Its got to be more than Fairbridge etc. The move up has been too dramatic imo.


SEA has hardly moved and it has a greater stake in Fairbridge etc.


Eventually someone was going to take a decent chunk and sit on it...maybe your right.

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My broker rang today recommending me to sell some, not all.


At over 100% profit from my initial outlay, I had to listen.


Lighten my load by a third and recovered my cost for my entire holding. Free ride for me from here on.


I reckon my broker was wrong, even though he has been right more often than not. Lets see what happens in the next two weeks. Going to be very interesting

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In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Saturday 24/12/05 03:37pm

well whatever the reasons, they certainly have the attention of the market.


In some respects, COE reminds me of the life cycle of Beach, and how they built up a lot of cash over a period of time before branching out. Look at what this strategy did for Beach's share price.

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