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QUOTE (atleast16 @ Thursday 26/08/04 10:14am)

Could indeed be.

* Has had a good increase in volume

* This has corresponded witha move in price

* Its also got above some key price points, specifically 107. Be interesting today to see if it bounces off 116 area ... or carries on up with yesterdays momentum.


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In reply to: dory on Wednesday 06/10/04 01:14pm

Just have to be mindful that they have a large cleaning contract with NSW schools that come up for retender in the next 6 months (I think). So there is some commercial risk in the mid-term. However, if they do renew it...an added boost to the SP recovery.

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In reply to: Hershy on Wednesday 06/10/04 07:31pm

I do not have information about the profitability of the NSW school's contract. There will still be negative impact from losing a large contract, which will also affect short-term topline revenue numbers...have yet to see a co sp going north when they report lower revenues.


I hold TEM (should have bought more when they were in the 90's) so have an interest in seeing it recover.

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