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Demetallica Limited (DRM) was originally incorporated in 1993 and has, since 2013, been a wholly owned subsidiary of Minotaur Exploration Limited.

On 07 January 2022, the Company was converted to a public company limited by shares, and on 20 January 2022, shareholders of Minotaur approved the transfer of certain assets to the Company and the demerger of the Company from Minotaur, effective on 21 January 2022.

The Company now holds a number of assets that were previously assets of Minotaur.

The Company holds 100% interests in the following projects:

(a) the Chimera Polymetal Project;
(b) the Cannington Project;
. c) the Pyramid Gold Project;
(d) the Windsor VMS Project;
(e) the Peake and Denison Project; and
(f) the Lake Purdilla Gypsum Project.

Listing date 16 May 2022 ; 10:30 AM AEST ##
Company contact details https://demetallica.com.au/
Principal Activities Mining Exploration
Issue Price AUD 0.25
Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares
Security code DRM
Capital to be Raised $15,000,000
Expected offer close date 29 April 2022
Underwriter Not underwritten. Argonaut Securities Pty Ltd and Euroz Hartleys Limited (Joint Lead Managers)
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