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Microba Life Sciences Ltd (MAP) operates in the emerging US$4.89 billion gut microbiome sector impacting the chronic disease management market. The world leading technology developed by Microba is tapping into a growing body of research demonstrating that the gut microbiome plays a central role in health and disease which is driving demand for products and services to influence the gut microbiome and improve human health.

Microba is a commercial stage gut microbiome company that provides microbiome testing services to healthcare practitioners and consumers (via distributors) powered by the Companys world leading gut microbiome Analysis Platform. From these services, the company has built a proprietary microbiome Databank. The company is applying proprietary methods and artificial intelligence to the Databank to identify and develop multiple therapeutic candidates to address major chronic diseases.

Microba is executing on its strategy via its three complementary business pillars:

(a) Microbiome Services . Microba is an established leader in microbiome testing with over 20,000 microbiome test reports sold to date and market leading distribution partners including SYNLAB (EU), Genova Diagnostics (US), Psomagen (US), G42 (Middle East) and Metagenics (AU & NZ).

(b) Proprietary Databank . A large, unique, proprietary microbiome Databank comprising of over 1.2m microbial genomes. The Microba Databank has enabled the Company to identify novel therapeutic leads not identified by others.

(c) Microbiome Therapeutics . Microba leverages its growing Databank through a repeatable Therapeutics Platform to develop novel microbiome therapeutics. Microba has established multiple therapeutic programs, including for Inflammatory Bowel Disease with a Phase 1b clinical trial planned to commence in late 2022.

Microba has recently signed a therapeutic development agreement with NYSE Listed Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) to address three autoimmune conditions. The Company strategy is to partner or license our therapeutic assets with large pharmaceutical companies to leverage their capabilities in clinical trials and commercialisation

Listing date 05 April 2022 ; 10:30 AM AEDT ##
Company contact details https://www.microba.com/
Principal Activities Microba is a commercial stage company with leading technology for measuring the human gut microbiome which is: delivering gut microbiome testing services globally to consumers, clinicians, and researchers; and driving the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for major chronic diseases.
Issue Price AUD 0.45
Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares
Security code MAP
Capital to be Raised $30,000,000
Expected offer close date 14 March 2022
Underwriter Bell Potter Securities Limited and Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Limited (Joint Underwriters and Lead Managers)
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