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Moomoo App lands Australia


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Tiger trade and Futu trade are competing in Oz! Both app got big promotions going on.

via my link can get free shares (open valid acc and deposit $3000 for a month) for at least one Apple share, with a few random ASX shares. 

Proved to be true.

Futu app: Moomoo

open account via: https://j.moomoo.com/00gH3U?kol=Warren (get 1share of two asx share at least)

deposit $3000 for a month get 1 share apple US share

Tiger Trade app: Tiger trade


get into the draws of winning shares and free commission. But need to track with ur friend which is a bit trouble…

Reply with ur Moomoo ID once u registered and I can help check to ensure u get the shares.





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