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SensOre Ltd (S3N) is part of the broad Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector in Australia. Within the METS sector, SensOre is part of the growing AI and ML Exploration Technology (AI ET) subsector, encompassing companies applying data driven intelligence and self learning solutions to mineral exploration problems.

SensOre Exploration activities (including AI Target acquisition and exploration) overlap with the junior mining exploration market segment.

SensOre combines its geoscience Data Cube and its proprietary target generation and validation technology (DPT) with its geosciences expertise to discover economically viable mineral deposits efficiently, sustainably and at pace for clients and for itself. SensOre has a big data approach which means that the Company generates new target knowledge across large areas and working with clients allows SensOre to commercialise this knowledge.

Listing date 11 February 2022  ; 1:00 PM AEDT ##
Company contact details


Principal Activities SensOre aims to become the top performing minerals targeting company in the world through an approach to exploration that combines advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology, big data and vast geoscientific expertise.
Issue Price AUD0.85
Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares
Security code S3N
Capital to be Raised $12,500,000
Expected offer close date 24 December 2021
Underwriter Not underwritten. Bell Potter Securities Limited (Lead Manager)
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S3C listed on 11/02, but has been under the IPO price until recently. Touching 64c, there were a series of announcements (clients for exploration, partnerships) that saw a push above 90c, which was held for a few days but now back to 82c.

As a sub $20 million company they are nothing if not ambitious. How they monetise will be of interest. I am not sure the claim of being a tech company (Technology at core of business; Fast tracking commercialisation via cloud based SaaS platform) will be reflected completely (priced on revenue and reflected in high earnings multiple).

  • >24 billion data points (data + derivatives) in >2,400 layers used for deposit data layer correlations and prediction
  • >10 year development, huge investment in data curation and cleaning
  • Seamless expansion using public, research and proprietary data Inclusion of imputed infill data using feature engineering.
  • Application of optimum transformation techniques
  • Vast Western Australia industry legacy data acquired, extracted, cleaned and integrated : +8.5 million surface samples; +280 million drill hole samples

SensOre Ltd (S3N) is an Australian company which is focused on fast tracking the mines of tomorrow and believes that the combination of highest quality big data, ML and other scientific computing techniques will provide the next generation of exploration discovery in Australia and internationally. The company has a big data and AI Targeting approach that generates new knowledge regarding geological prospectivity across large areas. SensOre monetises this knowledge by

  1. acquiring identified AI Targets to explore on its own or in partnership with financiers (Exploration); and
  2. working with clients to unlock target potential in their exploration portfolio or areas of exploration interest (Exploration Services).


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