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Revasum Inc. (RVS) specializes in the design and manufacturing of equipment used for the global semiconductor industry. Revasum technology and equipment assists in the advancement of technology for a range of markets and applications including automotive, IoT, 5G, telecommunications, electrification and power devices. The Revasum product portfolio includes equipment for grinding, polishing, and chemical mechanical planarization processes used to manufacture devices for key end markets.

RVS listed on the ASX late 2018 but has seen a shareprice drop from $2.00 to a low under 40c in mid 2021. An announcement in October has seen a run above 80c before declining. Recent company action has allowed a rebuild to around 75c a share.

The first run led to an ASX enquiry and brought this response:

  1. Not Aware
  2. Rebecca Shooter-Dodd, the President, CEO and Executive Director of RVS was recently featured in an article on the online financial news service Stockhead ( CEO reckons it is the right time to be in the semiconductor biz in the US ).  Stockhead covers emerging, ASX listed companies, particularly in the resources, healthcare and technology sectors.  In the article, Ms Shooter-Dodd discussed trends and opportunities in the semiconductor industry generally, including significant investment by the US Federal Government (announced in June 2021) to boost US domestic manufacturing capabilities for semiconductors.  She also referred to some RVS customer data.
    While the article did not contain any non public information, nor any information concerning RVS that had not previously been disclosed to the market, it is possible the article generated renewed interest from investors and, supported by our recent strong financial performance and results, led to the trading activity.  RVS is not aware of any other factors that may be responsible for the trading activity.
  3. In Compliance

And more recently, comments include:

  • Revasum has recently formed a partnership with California based contract manufacturer, Owens Design, to ensure the Company is able to meet expected demand for its products in the medium term.
  • expects to be free cash flow positive in the FY22 period
  • 60% to 125% increase in total revenue from FY21 thru FY22.
  • Most industry participants have made the move to 6 inch SiC wafers with the volume growing rapidly, with a CAGR of 33% between 2020 and forecast for 2025
  • A CAGR of 183% is anticipated in 8 inch wafer volume between 2020 and forecast for 2025

Market cap under $60million

• Disciplined management focus on growing the Company sustainably

• Gross Margin continues to improve, with an FY21 YTD* Gross Margin of 35.4%

• Operating Cash Outflows significantly reduced, with outflows in FY21 related to building inventory to support increased customer demand & manage supply chain challenges

• Operating Expenses reduced to an appropriate level, representing 69% of revenue for FY21 YTD*, vs 84% of revenue for FY19

• Expect to be free cash flow positive in FY22

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