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BeforePay Group Ltd (B4P) is a provider of Pay on Demand services in Australia. Beforepay delivers its services via both mobile and web based applications which syncs in with its customers bank accounts, and enables its customers access to a portion of their next pay on demand, make repayments with a degree of flexibility and get access to a suite of budgeting and financial awareness tools. The Beforepay applications are underpinned by a proprietary technology platform and credit engine.

Beforepay generates its revenue through customer fees. In exchange for providing its customers access to a portion of their Pay on Demand, Beforepay charges a fixed fee equivalent to 5% of the Cash Out. Beforepay does not charge its customers interest or late fees.

Listing date 17 January 2022 #
Contact details


Principal Activities Beforepay operates in the Pay on Demand industry. Pay on Demand is a relatively new concept, however it appears attractive to potential customers, and has been experiencing rapid growth as customers seek a more flexible and transparent way to manage their personal finances. Companies operating in the Pay on Demand sector provide support to individuals to manage their cashflow by providing rapid access to a proportion of their upcoming pay which can be used for any purpose.
Issue Price AUD 3.41
Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares
Security code B4P
Capital to be Raised $35,000,000
Expected offer close date 16 December 2021
Underwriter E&P Corporate Advisory Pty Ltd and Shaw and Partners Limited (Joint underwriters/Lead Managers).
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