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Hi macd

They're not buying the pubs, just leasing and running them.


Under the plan, the Laundy family will remain the freehold property owner, while ALH will be the leasehold owner and operator of all the pubs.
From the link you attached.


They've always been interested in the liquor market from my memory. BWS, Dan Murphy, Wine Market, Cellarmasters, Langtons etc.


I bought a bunch of Woolies late last year for the smsf. Defensive stock with reasonable divs. Lucky for me i'ts had an ok capital gain to add to the couple divs received.

Still looking good with that possible breakout looming if it can push through the $28 area resistance.


Like Ooops (Hi) says - people gotta eat. I notice most will scimp on paying bills too, but can usualy find the cash for a few beers/wines to drown the sorrows :stun:


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Thanks, hungry.


Yes, I was aware of the Dan Murphy etc interest but didn't think there was enough in liquor to cause them to further that investment while they - presumably - have so much to spend on the hardware adventure. An indication that cashflow isn't a problem!

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Hi Hungry,

there is a gap up higher on Wow around $29.50ish which could possible fill. note I said possibly.

Also I agree with you even when things are tuff there is always a need for food and people will always find money for a drink and a flutter on the pokies.

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Seasonal event ?

4 of the last 5yrs appear similar, last year something different (the square in the round sequence)

I been looking at it since the bottom of the trading channel but keep trading elsewhere because WOW has one of the lowest daily volatility averages, even amongst the Bluechips, around 1% for the 14 day average. Normally bores the crap out of your trading dollars. Nice run at the moment.

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