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seems mr market is kind to me


Me too EB

Bought ORG cfd at 15.47 this morning for day trade. 1 cent from low, was a good jag

Currently 4 green, 1 red. If TEL turns for me, I'm having a nice wine tonight :biggrin:

XEJ blasted through resis today to be best mover. I have 3 in there.

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Woolworths Notes II ("Notes")


After some market speculation Woolworths have announced the issue of Woolworths Notes ll, which are dated, unsecured, subordinated, cumulative notes issued by Woolworths offering investors a floating rate of interest plus a fixed margin and are intended to be quoted on the ASX.


Investors should obtain and consider the Prospectus (including the Investment risks set out in Section 4) and any updates to the Prospectus before making any decision about whether to acquire or hold Notes. Terms defined in the Prospectus have the same meaning unless the contrary intention appears - http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20111018/pdf/421t7dcwm48slr.pdf


Summary Terms:

- The offer is being made as part of Woolworths' ongoing capital management strategy with the net proceeds of the offer being used for general corporate purposes. Woolworths expects Notes to lend support to Woolworths' corporate credit rating from Standard & Poor's until 24 November 2016.

- 3.25% - 3.50% over the 90 day bank bill swap rate, payable quarterly in arrears. Interest to be paid in cash

- $500Mill

- will trade as WOWHC

- Notes will rank behind all senior obligations but ahead of Shares (including Ordinary Shares) and other Junior Ranking Obligations. Equally amongst themselves and any other equal ranking obligations. Repayment is not secured by a mortgage, charge or other security over any asset.

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WOWHC has listed and trading around $103


Woolworths has scaled back allocations to ensure that all Eligible Shareholder Applicants receive an allocation of Notes either through the Woolworths Shareholder Offer or the Broker Firm Offer. Eligible Woolworths Shareholder applicants that were not identified as receiving an allocation under the Broker Firm Offer have received an allocation of 21 Notes. If they were identified as receiving an allocation under the Broker Firm Offer, their application under the Woolworths Shareholder Offer has not been accepted.


Put in the minimum $5,000 or apply for $100K as a WOW shareholder ........... they get to allocate $2,100 worth of WOWHC and get to use your application money for up to a month, before returning it to you without interest.

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