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Looks like a few people made the wrong bet yesterday. Has to be one of the most steadily growing companies in Australia and with the drop in price over the last few years as well as the steady 10% or so growth down to a very respectable PE of about 17 and 4.5% ff dividend yield. Topped up today, wished I'd done it yesterday.
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Anyone else think the buyback is just a tad convoluted for the average Joe Bloggs?

Not sure how many will be willing to put up stock to tender at a discount with an unknown price outcome.

I only have a few but given what they have offered I'll sit and watch.

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Crikey! Gotta watch this place. Saw some activity in WOW, so went back three or four posts to "catch up" on the thread. Got confused by a comment posted on Feb 26 - until I saw it was 2010, not 2011. :blush: Not a lot of traffic in here...


I thought the result was pretty good, I'm happy with the dividend, so I've picked up some to take the dividend, and stash in the bottom drawer for a while. But the price is on it's way down, so I guess a majority were expecting something better.

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