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I guess you guys don't live in Perth. Everyone I know here pays well over $500/week for groceries. Add in the smokes, and the grog and pay for it all with the quantas cc and my points add up at an amazing rate. Don't shop at Coles anymore. Most of my friends have made the switch as well.
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The numbers rushing into the programs are pretty astounding:


"SHOPPERS are switching loyalty from other carriers to Qantas as a result of the alliance with Woolworths, which has delivered 700,000 new members to the airline's frequent flyer program in less than six months."


"Since the tie-up went live in June, Mr Hickey said 1.7 million of the 4.2 million Woolies cards in circulation had linked their cards to the frequent flyer program."




Looks like Woolies have got it right again...

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I dont think aldi presents a serious threat at present, maybe nuisance value in some centres. That may change in time.

coles/woolies have so many sites in strategic places, long leases etc the difficulty is I believe getting suitable sites for competitors.

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