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They are just going from strength to strength... also points to the difference between US and Australia during GFC - our retail sector is holding up very well (as seen in HVN's reporting, JBH's sales performance, and also in Westfield's retail data (see inside their most recent reports to ASX where comparisons between the US and Aussie centres show startling differences).

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In our current wobbly climate(market wise) any result in line with expectations is dealt with a little harshly.

DJ MARKET TALK: Woolworths Earnings Up 10%, In Line With Views 2247 GMT [Dow Jones]

Woolworths' (WOW.AU) earnings are up 10.3% on the year to A$983.3 million, roughly in line with the A$1 billion target according to a poll of three analysts. Sales in the half were $26.1 billion, up 8.8% on year. It's encouraging management said trends in the third quarter mimicked those seen in the first half and full-year after tax net profits should grow between 11% and 14% on a 52-week comparative basis. The stock, last at A$28.00, is up 10% since the sales results in late January so not likely to pop today on confirmation of what's a positive result in these difficult financial times. (CLK)


DJ MARKET TALK: Woolworths Down 5.5% After 1H Results 2346 GMT [Dow Jones]

Woolworths (WOW.AU) down 5.5% at A$26.45 on profit taking due to outperformance ahead of 1H results, where profit rose 10.3% to A$983.3 million, just slightly below A$1 billion consensus. WOW had risen 10% since sales results in late January. WOW could test strong chart support at A$26.00 (monthly uptrend line from July 2004, weekly uptrend line from Nov 2008) before safe-haven buying resumes, according to Dow Jones Newswires technical analysis. (DWR)

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I think Woolworth's partnership with Qantas frequent fliers is a winner.I know plenty of friends and family that have signed up and

started shopping at Woolworths for the first time in years and all seem to be surprised to find Woolies is cheaper the Coles.


No idea what the program costs WOW to run but gut tells me this is going to increase earnings next quarter

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I agree the Qantas Program seems to be drawing people in, which is good for the company. But how lame are these so called loyalty programs?


Average spend of $150 a week at the supermarket for a family? Minus $30 threshold for points, and you have 120 points per week x 52 weeks = 6,240 points. A one way Brisbane to Melbourne flight for one person is 12,000 points.


Sure, if you are earning lots of points elsewhere might add up, but not as a standalone product.


Good for Woolies Sales and good for the dividend - so hopefully it will suck the punters in.

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I think for many people its a pie in the sky.Like the fly buys scheme I could never accumulate enough points for a toaster let alone a flight anywhere before the points expired.


anyway good for the bottom line I guess and for the qan freq flyer scheme which makes good money apparently.

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Average spend of $150 a week at the supermarket for a family?


$150 doesnt buy many groceries.. Its more $70 per adult, and $50 per child. Average weekly family grocery bill is closer to $240.


210 points X 52 weeks = 10920 points

Pay the bill on a Qantas Visa card, $240 x 52 weeks = 6240 points

17160 points in total, still 3000 short of a return domestic flight but not that bad if you ask me.


Noticed the local Woolies had run out of the loyalty cards so the program seems to be running better than expected



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The beauty of this scheme is that you dont have to do anything different from normal to earn these points. I diligently pay all my bills via a visa card which accumulates points as well, which also gives me up to a month or so to actually put in the money, when I pay it all off without paying any interest. This gives us an overseas flight every few years apart from paying the taxes. The rewards card will speed this up a bit more. Since they brought this in we havent done any shopping at Coles which we occassionally used to do so if this is repeated by others might lift their figures a bit for the next half year.
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