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Artrya Limited (AYA) is a medical technology company focused on commercialising its patented Salix suite of software products to improve detection and treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD). Salix uses artificial intelligence to automate the analysis and diagnosis of heart computed tomography scans, and help clinicians identify and manage patients at risk of a heart attack.

The Artrya Salix Coronary Anatomy (SCA) Software as a Service product provides clinicians with rapid reporting of one of the strongest predictors of heart attack: Vulnerable Plaque. Named for its propensity to rupture and cause heart attack, Vulnerable Plaque is difficult and time-consuming to identify manually. As a result, Vulnerable Plaque, a leading cause of heart attack, is rarely reported.

Current practices to report CAD focus on the calcification and consequent narrowing of coronary arteries. The Salix breakthrough technology analyses Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography scans to map Vulnerable Plaque and other coronary risk biomarkers. Salix generates a personalised 3D heart model and rapidly delivers an international-standard diagnostic report.

Already under development is their next product, Salix Coronary Flow. Because SCF provides a non invasive assessment of coronary blood flow, it could potentially reduce the number of unnecessary Invasive Coronary Angiogram procedures.

Listing date 26 November 2021 12:30 PM AEDT##
Contact details


Principal Activities Artrya Limited is a medical technology company developing software which automates the analysis of heart computed tomography scans to assist in the diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease.
Issue Price AUD 1.35
Issue Type Ordinary Fully Paid Shares
Security code AYA
Capital to be Raised $40,000,000
Expected offer close date 29 October 2021
Underwriter Bell Potter Securities Limited (Underwriter/Lead Manager
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