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Emerald Clinics Limited (EMD) is an Australian incorporated company that operates a network of specialist medical clinics and uses purpose built software and technology to gather high quality clinical data from informed and consenting patients.

Emerald is a clinical services and healthcare technology company focussed on the provision of care for patients clinically determined to have exhausted conventional therapies and who may be suitable for cannabinoid based medicines. In addition, Emerald uses technology to capture clinical data that can be used to generate clinical evidence relating to the safety and efficacy of cannabinoid based medicines.

Emerald has established four medical centres in Australia including one site each in West Leederville WA, Woolloomooloo NSW, Tintenbar NSW and Richmond VIC. Additional Clinics are planned across Australia within the next 12 months. Emerald is also considering the viability of expanding its operations to the United Kingdom.

It is anticipated that EMD will list on the ASX during January 2020.

And list it did, but fell below the 20c IPO price and ran along, mainly sub 10c until Jan 2021. On 25 September 2020, Emerald Clinics Limited changed its name to Emyria Limited and renewed interest saw a lift to 20c by Feb 21.

More recently, and probably accounting for the rise from 25c to 46c in the last few weeks


Following a surge of investment and interest in the Australian cannabis market, another Australian billionaire has tipped money into the space.

Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest is following fellow magnate Gina Rinehart into the medical cannabis sector with a $5 million share placement into Perth based health technology company Emyria, amid rapid growth in the sector in Australia.

The investment through the family investing arm Tattarang comes months after the Rinehart foray into the space with a $15 million push to support the European expansion of Western Australia based Little Green Pharma.

Emyria has been developing trials of a synthetic cannabinoid targeting mental health, which it hopes to register domestically with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as well as in the American market.

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