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AssetOwl Ltd (AO1) made it to the ASX in 2017, backing into a failed miner <On January 16th, 2017, Regalpoint Resources Limited (RGU) changed its name and ASX code to AssetOwl Limited (AO1).> In 2018, the Company business was the development of a software platform focussed on addressing the issues faced by retailers with large geographically dispersed stores and a large number of aging company assets

By 2021, the company is an information technology and software development company that developed and provides a cloud based enterprise software platform for managing inspections of real estate assets. The Company aims to provide real estate owners with one trusted platform for managing properties remotely..

Inspector360: It is the revolutionary next generation of AssetOwl photocentric property management platform, designed to benefit property owners, tenants, agents and managers. It builds on the AssetOwl existing residential inspection software, InspectorAsset, which uses virtual reality technology to create an internal view of a property to assist all stakeholders before, during and at the conclusion of a tenancy.

Market cap is under $5 million. Last trade was at 0.4c.

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