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On December 14th, 2016, Pacific Environment Limited (PEH) changed its name and ASX code to Envirosuite Limited (EVS).

EnviroSuite Limited (EVS) is focused on the development and sale of environmental management technology solutions. It operates in more than 15 countries in airports, cities, construction, mining, heavy industry, waste and water.

Market cap is $250 million. Recently completed a $14m capital raise to support the investment into product development, the acceleration of our EVS Water product suite and to support the growth agenda for North America.  

ASX RELEASE 18 August 2021 FY2021 Results

Envirosuite Limited (ASX: EVS) is pleased to report its full year FY21 earnings to 30 June 2021, that demonstrate it is well positioned to achieve strong growth in the coming years and to meet the environmental intelligence needs of customers globally in FY22.

Envirosuite delivered annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $46.5m. Gross margin increased to 42.4% in FY21, up from 31.0%. COVID19 impacted the Envirosuite top line progress in the first six months of FY21, however in the second half Envirosuite delivered its strongest ever half year with $4.4m in new ARR orders. Total revenue doubled from $23.8m in FY20 to $48.6m in FY21. The FY21 results reflect the continued positive momentum for Envirosuite globally against the COVID19 backdrop.


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