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CPT Global (CGO) is a specialist IT consulting services firm with successful engagements across the globe. CPT has been engaged by 80% of the world's largest banks.


CPT Global Limited helps clients solve complex technical challenges that transform their IT environments. Market cap is $25million, and the company has delivered outcomes and engagements for clients across 35 countries.


As we continue to address the challenges of Covid 19, build on the momentum we have generated and grow the business, our strategy in FY2022 is to:

• start laying the foundations for a software development business based on our existing intellectual property, AI systems and expertise by building tools that complement and enhance our consulting services;

• concentrate our resources in the Australian and USA markets, where we saw the most growth in 2021 and where we see the best growth opportunities; • continue to leverage our experience and expertise to deliver high quality, remote services to clients across all our service lines;

• expand our use of digital marketing and sales to generate new business and start new conversations with our clients;

• start to refocus sales efforts and resources on new accounts and sell to former clients, contacts and sponsors;

• continue to grow with existing clients by expanding into new projects and additional services;

• preserve margins by maintaining control of delivery costs;

• be laser focused on controlling discretionary costs; and

• provide our employees the services and support they need to work remotely and maintain a healthy work and personal life.

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