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Zoom2u Technologies Limited (Z2U), through its subsidiaries, has developed intellectual property (IP) in a number of technology products, primarily related to delivery services. The IP in these products has the potential to be expanded to other industries and geographies.


The two key operating businesses of the Group are Zoom2u, which has developed the Platform which provides an Australia wide Marketplace that connects customers with local drivers in their area for fast deliveries; and Locate2u, a business that offers customers a Software as a Service (SaaS) product for delivery and services businesses to manage bookings, optimise routes, track their team (GPS Tracking) and share their live locations with customers, globally.


The Group is well placed to participate in the strong growth being witnessed in the Australian delivery services market, driven by the increase in ecommerce and the increased outsourcing of delivery services. The global delivery management software market is also growing strongly, driven by the increased automation of delivery management processes route optimisation and vehicle scheduling in order to achieve greater efficiency in delivery operations.


The largest business in the Group, Zoom2u, commenced operations in 2014, and has grown GMV from $0.4 million in FY15 to $11.1 million forecast for FY21F, representing a compound annual growth rate of approximately 76% per annum. Locate2u was launched in late 2020 and is still in its early stage of market development. Part of the funds raised from the IPO will be used to scale up sales and marketing efforts for both Zoom2u and Locate2u.



Listing date... 15 September 2021 11:00AM AEST ##


Company contact details ... http://www.zoom2u.com.au/investors

Principal Activities ... Holding company of the following subsidiaries:

1. Zoom2u, which operates the Platform and the Marketplace;

2. Locate2u, which offers clients a Software as a service (SaaS) product for delivery and services businesses to manage bookings, optimise routes, track their team (GPS Tracking) and share their live locations with their customers;

3. Locate IP, which employs software developers, and;

4. 2u Enterprises, which operates the Shred2u business and markets ad hoc ecommerce web development services and bespoke distribution operations


Issue Price ... AUD 0.20

Issue Type ... Ordinary Fully Paid Shares

Security code ... Z2U

Capital to be Raised ... $8,000,000


Expected offer close date ... 23 August 2021

Underwriter... Not underwritten. Foster Stockbroking Pty Limited (Lead Manager)

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ran to 80c by the end of the first week, now 69c.


It is company for physical delivery services, not for internet conference calls.


Zoom2U ... A Platform providing a simple way for Customers to connect with local delivery Drivers for a fast delivery with full transparency of the location of their delivery through live tracking. Zoom2u earns fees from Customers and Drivers based on the Delivery Price.


Locate2U .... A turnkey delivery management SaaS platform that allows delivery businesses of any size to manage their deliveries efficiently, optimise routes, track their team and share locations with consumers. Locate2u charges clients a monthly recurring subscription.


Shred2U .... Shred2u is a business operated by 2u Enterprises, facilitates secure document shredding services. Shred2u uses third parties and Drivers that provide the delivery services and a third party for document destruction services with the drivers' routes being optimised by Locate2u or Zoom2u.

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