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Cobram Estate Olives Ltd (CB)) is the largest producer and marketer of premium quality extra virgin olive oil in Australia. With operations in Australia and the USA, export customers in 17 countries, and a portfolio of premium brands, the Company is a market leader in the Australian extra virgin olive oil industry and a leader in sustainable olive farming.


The Company owns the two top selling Australian extra virgin olive oil brands, Cobram Estate® and Red Island®, with combined Australian supermarket sales of $135.4 million in 2020. The Company brand strength extends from its position as Australia's largest vertically integrated olive oil producer. The Company owns over 2.4 million olive trees planted on 6,584 hectares of farmland in central and north-west Victoria, with the Company's 2021 harvest projected to account for 71% of Australia’s total olive oil crop. Cobram Estate Olives is also the owner of Australias largest olive tree nursery, two olive mills, an olive oil bottling, storage, and laboratory facility, and is a leading player in olive industry research and development.


In California, USA, the Company has established an olive mill, storage and bottling facility, laboratory, and administration offices, and has 305 hectares of owned and leased groves, olive supply contracts with over 20 Californian olive growers. The Cobram Estate® brand was the 10th highest selling olive oil by value in USA grocery and specialty channels for the 12 months to April 2021.


It is anticipated that CBO will list on the ASX during August 2021.



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Cobram Estate: revenue is expected to total $211 million for the year ended June 30 with $33.6 million in net profit, the prospectus said.


The company will need to undertake a major education campaign for new shareholders because of the unique characteristics of the olive growing industry, where trees have only one big crop every two years. The 2021 harvest, which ran from late April to June was one of the large crop years, which means next year will be a light crop.

The 2021 harvest amounted to 16.05 million litres, and was 7 per cent above initial projections.

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and traded around and above $2.00 for most of Day 3 , before a sell off at closing time.


Funny about this; from a media piece earlier and leading up to the IPO

... after failing to score institutional support for a listing priced at $2 per share, Cobram Estate ... push[ed] ahead with a compliance listing,....
and here we have, presumably, institutions buying up at the price CBO and advisers thought was fair, but those selfservers were most likely hoping for a discounted IPO, say, around $1.80. One for the little guys!!
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