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Riped and pipped some stuff...anyone want to comment feel free....I'll see you at the party if I'm right, or even 10% right....lol


Below is barbarian bluff...maybe.


Ripped a bit from hc ramping site, but my answers are here


Q..........Does anyone reckon that the market has factored in (already) any upside due to the Russian rubber stamping supposedly coming in 2 to 3 weeks? If it is a lay down call (as already stated) then we are in a sort of limbo for awhile until it happens. We don't know if stock is available to sell to ther Ruskis do we? If it is they are in at the jump and a major milestone is achieved. If it isn't ready then how lomg do they have until stock is made up and batched? If they haven't got stock available for the pent-up demand then why not? I might give them a call tomorrow and ask them this stuff and post it when I get some answers. Sleep easy though rest assured it is all under control.


A........Market will have factored some of the price in, but a rise is still on the cards anyway.


Yes they do have stock on hand of Ropren, and a lot of the others too, read previous anns but I think is 24 kilos and worth $18 mill.


Market will only stay flat if no more news is available...but we are expecting some before the end of this month.


You best be going over 4 months worth of old announcements if you are new to this stock.

A#2............IMO 70-80% profit, but remember the injectable form of Ropren will change all this if it works...ie if you only need 10% of the dose then multiply the $18 mill by 10 (which = $180 mill ) but reduce that by a % as well, to make it fair and cheap enough to distribute to a wider community, by say 45% and we have 100 mill=market cap.......I have no idea how much less they need using the injectable form of Ropren, and tests are still being carried out on this as far as I know.....so it's only a guess atm but even halving the amount necessary will mean about $30 mill profit on what they have on hand....also remember they will be ramping up production to 10 times the current level of 24kg/year when the sibex deal is done....


worst case scenario Ropren will not be registered.......whaaaaaaaa!


best case scenario profits from Ropren will be 10(injectable)x10(production increase)x$100mill=$10000 mill....ie 10 billion $ per year......


middle of the road 10x 10x$30 mill=3billion$ per year


Sound a bit too far out , have I calculated upper limits correctly......I think so, double check for me please(it sounds like too much)....is it too good to be true?


I'm sure Ropren will be a lot cheaper but eventually if it is taken up by the wider community, including animals, and farmers as an insecticide/ fungicide (those poor cane growers in Queensland need it for their crops atm)and ......blah blah blah.....don't forget the BIO-B and sauna products and anti fungal/bacterial creams...ect and childs flue and...bla....blaaa...blaaa


I'm sure we will make big $$ if it all comes together whatever the outcome.....





And as a note I am happy to hold long term and so are the directors...why wouldnt you?.......DYOR.....especialy the last 4 months anns and calculate it yourself...please do and post, I am interested to find out what makes this one tick, and what makes the holders hold.....obviously I have my reasons!


200%+Sp increase in 4 months must mean some have done thier calculations.....post your numbers please......





doesnt' hurt as much when you have a bourbon in hand



winner or what?

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In reply to: dee27 on Tuesday 13/03/07 08:19pm

i was actually hoping that our little market would have another decent fall this week so that i could perhaps buy more in the low 60c.....but it hasn't happened http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif


no disrespect intended.....i am a holder as well.....just wanted more at a bargain before any further announcements.....lol. what is one to do? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif


cheers all.

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In reply to: Spicer69 on Tuesday 13/03/07 09:00pm

Really think everyone (well too many anyway) are focusing too much on the production side in trying to look at earning capacity. Real value IMO is in the demand side and production will be grown to meet this. I do not remember seeing anywhere where it was said we can produce 200kg a year and that is it. In fact I had got the clear impression that this plant was just to get them through the first year or two before additional plant is brought on line.


Also there seems to be a perception that because they are designing a 200kg production line that production will equal 200 kg a year where as it is very common for systems to initially under perform as the kinks are worked out of the machinery but then to operate well above 100% of capacity with fairly minor modifications. Would not be surprised to see output in the 220 to 250kg range.


If a nominal 200kg production line can be built in 6/8 months how long would it take to build a second line?


So forget about supply as it is just a logistics problem and look at demand if you want to try and get a handle on possible revenues/profits but I suspect that SLA itself only works on a wide range of possible demand figures and builds contingency plans to cope with that range


Myself, I only see that pending final approval Ropren by itself will be worth multiples of the current SP within a couple of years even at the most conservative projections and that even without Ropren we would still be on a winner.


Well thats my late night rant for today


Thanks B

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6000 courses seems to be production from 24 kg max at moment. Thats 4 grams per course. Previously it has been posted that Liver diseases needs typically three courses to treat.$ 1000 has been mentioned as it relates to the maximum amount the ruskis allow for in house treatment. Is this allowed per course or per treatment ? And does anyone out there know what hospitals in Australia pay for a course of expensive catergory drugs at the moment. Not a drug used to treat some rare disease but a drug that would be used by 50,000 people that they plan to target
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Nearest Pin guesses so far


13/3 Vilmac, The Russian

23/3 Livas1, Sav

26/3 Na$a, AtMarket

30/3 )(*&^%$#@!, BullseyeBob (before close), Rufous (after close)

13/4 Me

1/5 Chiller

4/5 mme

7/5 Wasabibarako


Vil and The Russian only have a few days left to win....I must say if I was a betting man Wasa would be odds on http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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