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Resident news: a new product to enhance immunity

The first product in the Unisol line will be Univer Active Bioeffective water based on cell fir juice. Currently, the development is at the final stage and is almost ready for mass production.

“Research and development to improve the quality of human life has been one of the main activities of TSU since its inception,†said Alexei Sazonov, Advisor to TSU at the administration. - Today we present a new step in this area - the Unisol project, which uses the experience of TSU and Solagift to study effective immunomodulators - various derivatives of fir. Employees of the Siberian Botanical Gardens proposed the idea of ​​making drinking water enriched with cellular juice of fir, as well as other biologically active substances, which Botswad is engaged in research and production. TSU is now filling out the know-how for the formulations and transferring it to the manufacturer under a license agreement.

- The company "Siberian Eco-drinks" is engaged in the production of bottled water. Until recently, the main product of our company was the natural drinking water "Juno" with a high content of silver ions. It will serve as the basis for Univer Active, â€said Andrei Parshukov, brand manager of Siberian Eco-Drinks, during an online presentation. - With our partners - TSU and the company "Solagift" - we intend to get an effective, healthy and affordable drink that will enhance human immunity. Now there is a study of the organoleptic properties of the product and the development of regulations for its production.

According to Vladimir Trusov, director of the medical department of the company Solagift, fir extract is a natural adaptogen of a wide spectrum of action. It is able to restore the physiological functions of the human body, increase its resistance to adverse factors during infectious and viral diseases.

Vladimir Trusov emphasized that Univer Active is not a substitute for medicines, but this product will work on immunity, which is the main protection against all diseases. It depends on the state of the immune system whether a person will need medicine or not. Univer Active can be used as a preventative measure during epidemics and during the recovery phase after an illness. This water can also be used in ordinary life to strengthen the body's defenses, because we do not know when we can encounter one or another pathogen.

“The company“ Solagift â€supplies raw materials and its own products to many domestic and foreign partners,†said the director of the company “Solagift†Vladimir Kovalev. - We are glad to cooperate with TSU. Especially now, when all Tomsk citizens will especially benefit from our knowledge of the taiga sources of immune defense and the production capabilities of the company.

We add that the first product of the Unisol series - Univer Activu - can be bought in retail chains, pharmacies, sports and fitness clubs, universities, sanatoriums and other institutions. After the demand is satisfied, the product will begin to be delivered to consumers in the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts. The next product in the Unisol series



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I might have posted this before.



now a group of American investors is interested in the company. They are threatening volumes that Solagift can’t do right now. It is possible that after their arrival in Tomsk there will be a several-fold expansion of production with a guaranteed sales market.

Today, Solagift, together with Artlife, produces beverage concentrates that have already entered the market. The first large test batch of 13 tons they should ship to Australia in October. And if everything goes as planned, then very soon everyone will live well. In the literal and figurative sense of the word.


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I can't locate the latest link on the unisol but they have since launched a treatment product consisting of BioA, polyprenol and (?). Says that interest in product have increased in Russia due to COVID. COVID could be a game changer for polyprenol.
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