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Well it looks like someone is listening and they going to bring the Russian Tayga8 like product to Oz and the Asian market!

It will be marketed as 'Doctor V'

The 'V' could be a play on the 'V' energy drink name.

'Doctor V Pty Ltd' is registered in Sydney not Melbourne so it may not be associated with SLA but they are certainly using Solagran Son to supply the main active ingredients for the energy drink range. The CEO is Christie Kimberly Cordelia Holden and John Joseph McGlennon the Marketing Director both of whom I have never heard of before.

It would seem to be akin to the Tayga8 arrangements and I guess something like a 'knock off' of the same product line up will be coming.

Can only be a positive thing with some extra marketing dollars promoting the Siberian experience!






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Hi Livas1, Maiden and all,


Still here.


Thank you for the Prenolica website info Livas1. Just been having a browse and a brief review of the personnel involved with Prenolica is indeed impressive. It's hard to imagine that these folks, with all the professional brainpower and extensive intellectual horse power, would have any association with anything that was insignificant. I am encouraged to "keep the unwavering faith" for an eventual meaningful outcome. Just hope I live long enough. So I suppose the best thing to do is "keep taking the tablets". :king:






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Hi All,I note the prenolica website has all the annual reports, including the most recent (and first) Prenolica Annual Report.


I just had a pretty quick scan through the report and it includes information since the AGM, and resulting from the AGM (name change, consolidation). The auditors have signed off on the report dated 14-Dec-16. Back at the AGM they'd said there would be a relisting, which would likely include a prospectus and capital raising in the near future. The near future has gone but we didn't see either of these (or hoverboards, which I suspect may beat a relisting). Having read this, it seems to indicate this (well, the capital raising at least) won't be happening. I'm certainly hoping the relisting does happen sooner rather than later. prenolica.com coming back on line is hopefully a positive sign


"Likely developments and expected results of operations

The Board expects that the consolidated entity will continue to develop and commercialize its patented intellectual property. It is anticipated that as this process of commercialization matures, additional financing will not be required to the point that the consolidated entity will be able to provide a return on such financing in the form of dividend income or returns of capital to shareholders. In the short to medium term, the Directors of the consolidated entity will continue to evaluate immediate financing needs through its existing budgeting and forecasting processes."




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Hi All,

Notice in the mail today for two AGMs consecutively for Prenolica. They will be on May 3 at Seasons Botanic Gardens in St Kilda. Nothing much in the way of exciting business to attend to and no mention of a capital raising. The only real items of business are the re-election of a couple of directors.


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The Dec 2016 financial also out on website.


This paragraph hidden under notes: Plant & equipment.


Assets under construction



At 31 December 2016,there was $1,571,301 of the assets under construction (30 June 2016: $2,250,741). The assets under construction predominantly relate to construction of a factory in the Special Technical Zone in Tomsk and expansion of Polyprenols production line at Tomsk. The completion of the Polyprenols facility in Tomsk is anticipated to be fully operational by December 2018. The completion of building the factory in the special technical zone in Tomsk is a long-term project with commissioning anticipated to be several years away.


GMP plant?

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Good evening all,


Clearly states on Page 13 of December 2016 report the following:


"The Directors are in the process of preparing a seed capital raising and the company plans to re-list during 2017 and raise additional capital via its prospectus as part of this process. The Directors have a history of successfully raising capital and are confident this will result in an injection of cash."


Also states on Page 12 that fair value of shares is 36 cents so one would image the capital raising would be at around this share price.


Now this is probably the best news in a very long time.


I also note that sales in last 6 months of 2016 to December 2016 were $1.540m vs $1.847m for full 12 months to June 2016. That's around 65% annualised run rate sales uplift - very impressive!


Maybe that bad tide of the last 10 years has turned!


Cheers all.

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