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Have to say the marketing/packaging appears fresh and indeed slick and not to hard to replicate if SLA decide to go it alone in Malaysia & Oz with a similar blended sports drink product line.

Certainly very appealing to the cashed up sub 30 age group who have a healthy disposition.

Could be a game changer if done well - come'on Moray Street think outside the box on this one!

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The chinese are already thinking out of the box. I believe the 2016 AGM already mentioned that the chinese group that is purchasing siberian red is mixing it with ginseng.


The cgnc ingredients for Unilever is of low margin but siberian red should attract a higher margin and polyprenol higher still. Hence, should be a more profitable business.

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"According Laevsky in Tayga8 plans - to leave after five years on the turnover of 10 billion rubles a year. In general, the capacity of a niche product for a businessman estimated at 40 billion rubles."


10 billions ruble a year about A$200m/yr base on 50 rubles to the $. If the bioeffective ingredients alone is 10% of the retail price, a nice A$20m/yr for sla.


Remember, the theme is food supplement. Expand the drink market to baby milk powder and market it to china and see sales explode! Polyprenol for brain development etc.

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Pine Needle Product boys are still sending their emails with vouchers for discount.


I notice that a few amateur sports persons, kayakers and tennis players, are commenting on the product. No Federer type athletes yet lol.


Talk about a slow burn. I thought we would have re-listed by now




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Hi to all the old slayers.I have been off the scene for a few years and was wondering how all the old timers are going?I notice Charles (chiller), Bam bam have posted recently but what about Livas,vilmac,Diana,BSA,Paulhart,biohunter,tugga,wasabibarako and so on.If my health and finances improve I might become involved again.All the best.
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