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Read the annual report. It's mentioned several times. By the way I didn't say it was to raise funds but to pay a debt.


daedalus - yes the annual report clearly mentions they are working towards relisting.


As bam_bamm says... dilution is better than nothing. Maybe they've got the strategy right this time and we can just rebuild from 3c to a more pleasing number :P

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The 17m debt should equate to the 581m share @ 3cts. A further 3m was raised on 30th Dec,2015 taking total debt to about 20m which is 1,142,535,167 shares. After consolidation total shares at about 95m. So, no new equity raising until we are told otherwise.


From one perspective, the value stays the same because it automatically adjust your eps calculation. Assuming an eps number can be calculated when the company relist, the eps value would be higher for a particular profit number. ( divide by 95m vs 1b ) However, if one sells before an eps number can be calculated and the market is not taking future growth into consideration, than I can see a scenario where you will lose value.


If one take the 3.9cts/share before trading halt and the 3cts/share the new investor paid, we have been diluted about 33%. Small price to pay for the resurrection and if one believe the big gains are still ahead.


Just my personal opinion.I could be wrong!

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