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Ok from their last offical 11th hour communication.



"The ASX xxxdoesxhavexxx HAD discretion under guidance 33 to provide a 3-month extension to allow the Company's shares to resume trading. The Company sought this extension and was confident that if granted this extension would provide the Company with sufficient time to have its shares resume trading by March 2016 and avoid removal from ASX. However, ASX denied the Company's applications for an extension.


applications so there were several.


"At the end of calendar year 2015, the Company is in the process of concluding a huge volume of different works and will inform our shareholders about all achievements when finalized early in the new year."


Err how? Well Snail mail or maybe updates at the yet to be updated www.solagran.com.au ?


But the sliver of a tenious thread of hope dangles.

"The Company will call a general meeting of shareholders within the next 1-2 months and expects to be in a position to seek re-admission to ASX in March 2016."


Who knows how long after application ASX would take to decide in the affirmative and folk can trade again.


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When there is no Chess subregister. I.e. the company maintains a list of share holders for that company alone. Issuer sponsor holdings have a SRN and designated number exists for that holding alone. ..... Starts with an I followed by 10 digits Ixxxxxxx. (SRN is shareholder reference number)


Chess holdings start with an X... followed by 10 digits

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