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There is still signs of life in the old dog.


SLA are back doing Presentations, this one in July 2014 to a Russian - Chinese Forum.


After reading up on the Tomsk SEZ site and going through this presentation I get the view that the new building may not yet have started construction. But the presentation details what they hope to produce from the plant.




Happy reading. (It was slow to download).

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Thanks access,


You sense of humour is refreshing. "There is still signs of life in the old dog" :laugh::laugh::puke:


The dog is on life support system with a heart beat once a month, if you can call this signs of life. :biggrin:


Anyway the presentation is not quite the same old same old, and to the credit of the workers at Sybex, they have come up with more products.


I did like the map that highlighted areas around Tomsk for their potential polyprenol production in kilograms up to 341 million kgs of polyprenols from some areas if you do the sums we will be drowning in the stuff if they ever can get the Tomsk facility constructed.


I do feel sorry for all who have had their hard earned locked up in this unknowable behemoth, or is it simply moth. Many people have lost a lot of dough on this lifeless dog and for the unbridled optimism of some here is an affront to those who have been extremely hurt by the unconscionable action of this company. Without even a by your leave, its pip pip SLA is a 50:1 chance. Terribly sad, in my humble opinion.


Regards Charles

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Some of us that have shares in SLA still like to read any info available. I look at Sharescene each week and tonight I was pleasantly surprised as sometimes we go months without a post.

Sure, we may never be rewarded with a return but then again it is out of our hands and until they are declared bankrupt we live in (slight) hope.

Your thoughts help us to be realistic and I thank you for that.



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