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I remember reading FDA approval was just a matter of days away.

I remember reading hospitals were lining up to take their Ropren orders.

I remember reading Solagran were finalising a financing deal with a major international company.


I look forward to reading "We have DONE this"

but until then it's all still "about to"

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Ok ... Spoke with company ...

1 Confirmed that the Russian Govt will provide the $30m AU funding2 Condition of the funding is that it has to be spent IN Russia3 Awaiting other T&Cs regarding cashflow of funds eg milestones etc4 Upon confirmation of details will issue market announcement approx 2 wks5 Will allow for this cash to be redirected to support AUS operations6 Can then progress to relist should be approx 6 mths legals, audit etc7 May need to undertake a prospectus to secure funds required to continue operations in AUS and repay debts that have maintained the coy over last couple of years.8 Securing funding will be a lot easier and should be at more positive rates than those of last share price.

A lot of water to still pass under the bridge, but at least it's not a leaking ship !!!

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As noted the funding will be up to 1 billion rubbles, and need clarity of T&Cs to allow them to state facts and not half the story.

Yes point 5 should read ... Cash will not be allowed to be redirected to AUS.

It's great to see the company have continued to push through to where it is now! Although as mentioned there is still a long way to go before relisting.

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I would assume once they receive confirmation then it will be. I believe the money is only for Russian usage so SLA Australia will still need to come up with some money. I believe a million dollars was suggested.


Given SLA'S last market cap price on the assumption of the last share price and it's a 33 million dollar injection, one can assume that persons maybe itching to come on board if they're not frightened off by the previous history! :biggrin:

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