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From the article I read it as they got it! :biggrin:




"the southern area of ​​Tomsk special economic zone is planned to build a pharmaceutical plant. He will become the world's largest manufacturer polyprenols - valuable organic materials, which are made on the basis of many medicines. Moreover, this is the only enterprise in the world, where polyprenols begin producing from the needles. The company "Solagift" owns this innovative technology, won the contest "Regions - Sustainable Development" and get about 1 billion rubles for the project."

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None of this news is coming from SLA. All the articles are from the Russian Press.


I believe the company is working desperately hard behind the scenes to get into a position to relist.


This stuff is not the company beating its own drum/chest but confirmation from the Russian press that it is indeed getting on with the job.


Like most people here I have lost a lot of money on SLA but I have not given up on the company and it seems the company is has not given up on us.




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Hopefully the company can divert some of the funding they are getting towards paying the auditors whats needed to get the accounts done for the last couple of years.


That would be a good first step prior to relisting the shares.


Next step would be to get some cash in the bank to pay for operating expenses.

And yes, this news from Russia makes this a far easier prospect.


And Unilever would no doubt be very interested that Solagran will be significantly expanding its production capacity!

Hopefully they will be still be interested given it will take a couple of years for the plant to be built.


But all of a sudden, there is a clear path towards a sustainable business with major key customers.


And also, got some Tiaga Professional on friday. Branding looks great!



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I think so Ray. It is about 3 years since the announcement: "Ropren is the first Russian developed and produced pharmaceutical product to be Registered in Russia in 20 years." or words along those lines. This is all looking very promising.


I haven't actually lost any money as I still have the shares I bought in 2004. So, while I may have a fair sized opportunity cost, I could say the same about almost everything else that I own. Life is an opportunity cost ... if you're lucky! :rolleyes:






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