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If google is up to date there would be no growth in nearmap and if you were wanting to compare investments SLA stuck for over a year in limbo and NEA... well the chart says it all.



I just want to know when is SLA going to recommence trading. Even though the stock is practically valueless, the money I have at current price, though insignificant compared to what was originally invested, could have a much better home.


We all make bad choices (perhaps with the exception of Di) but this one could be my worst.

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I hope they don't maintain the current shareholder value, because that is zero. One would hope they have set their goals a little high, such as returning the shares' value to pre-2008 times. One of many shares to never bounce back from the GFC! Would take a triple bypass and a faith healing to resurrect SLA at this stage.

I would be more than happy for a miracle, but years of experience tell me not to bet on it any further.

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Hi everyone


Looks like the SLA team have been busy and are relaunching Bio A in Oz under the brand Taiga Professional!!!


The pine needle product guys have posted some photos on their facebook page which I have copied below


The branding etc looks excellent


Why Taiga? Check this out - it makes perfect sense: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiga


and IMO its pronounced "tiger"


Good work everyone. Be interesting to see how they progress over the coming months!



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thanks for the info livas.


Out of curiosity, any chance you could advise how many "friends" the pine needle boys have? Any comments made on their page from those friends, or is it more of a news feed?


I wonder what the chances are of having Katy Perry as the face of the new re-branding, in a tight fitting outfit, hair in pony tails singing, "I've got the eye of the Taiga..." :lol::wub:

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Bioeffective A- what a great product. After recent Illness with a sleep disorder, i found that fatigue and feeling tired were daily events. My son got me onto Bioeffective A and after a short period of time I began to feel myself again and the fatigue has gone. I am a SLA shareholder and I think that this is a great product that could help lots of people. It also has the potential to increase the SLA share price.


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The Taiga Bio A product looks good.


We need an update on proceedings because there's reason to believe this company isn't done with yet.


Infact we could be in for a surprise. Perhaps this forum may come back to life in the New Yr.


Just my thoughts.





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Well said dogson. I managed yet again to get a small winter white strip on my shoulder quite severely sun burned ... I reached for the Burns Gel which gave instant cooling and pain relief with the burn practically gone within 24 hours. No blisters or peeling. Another great SLA product!






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Just got on the SibEX website and it has been updated.


the homepage actually has a big logo of Solagift (which you may recall is the Russian entity we set up to participate in the Tomsk SEZ)


It also says this


LLC "Solagift" develops and manufactures new biologically active substance of coniferous green trees for pharmacological, food, cosmetic, and agricultural industries, as well as ready-treatment products on the basis of these substances.


In the news section there is also an ad saying they are looking for distributors as well, in addition to them launching a bioeffective air freshener!!


And also, the key guys presented in Moscow at the end of November


"Healthy Generation XXI century. Innovations in practice. "


November 30, 2013 in Moscow held International Scientific and Practical Conference "Healthy Generation XXI century. Innovations in practice. "


The conference was attended by representatives of LLC "Solagift."


A report on "Polyprenols conifers: prevalence, biological activity" made ​​Viktor Roschin, scientific director of the Department of LLC "Solagift" Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department, St. Petersburg Forestry Academy. SM Kirov, St. Petersburg.


The report entitled "Therapeutic and prophylactic activity polyprenols and their application in hepatology, oncology and urology" by Vladimir G. Bespalov, scientific consultant for "Solagift" oncologist, MD, member of the International Academy of Ecology, Man and nature, the head of the laboratory and cancer chemoprevention onkofarmakologii FGBI "Oncology Institute. NN Petrova, "the Ministry of Health of Russia, St. Petersburg.


A report on: "Polyprenols therapy neurological and psychiatric disorders "by Vladimir Borisovich Cowards, director of the medical department of LLC" Solagift. "


So looks like things are still happening and I wonder whether the rebranding to Solagift and away from SibEX means that things are happening on the Tomsk SEZ side...!

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