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Hello guys,

Some information I just found on the internet:

Ltd. "Solagift Spb"

Manufacture and sale of Phytococtails berry-fir - natural products from juices and berries direct extraction of the cell sap of fir. Retail, Wholesale in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. http://f1.ds-russia.ru/u_dirs/077/77348/p/669451b57d313a0d866ee7ed506dfc21.png


In the heart of Siberia, Tomsk with the manufacturing company "SAVA" on the basis of the greenhouse complex "Kuzovlevsky" enterprise engaged Solagift reception from fir legs Bioeffectives - natural substances soderzhazhschih in full force and the benefits of vegetation, in this case - Siberian fir.


Remoteness from civilization allows berries and trees retain their pristine qualities and properties directly squeezed juices from taiga berries mixed with the cell sap of fir and packed in aseptic bags sandwich dispenser. The company puts Solagift ecological and natural products above all, so phytococktails not add preservatives, flavorings or stabilizers. Also, do not add other types of fruit juice and supplements. For our predpriyatniya important to your health, which is why phytococktails aimed at improving overall health and disease prevention.













Товары и услуги

<a href="http://www.ds78.ru/goods/1303906/"> http://f1.ds-russia.ru/u_dirs/077/77348/p/ad52a734b6a121fdbd3bc2dbd94e2135.jpg Фитококтейль ягодно-пихтовый Фитококтейли ягодно-пихтовые - концентрат, смесь сока таежных ягод прямого отжима и клеточного сока пихты. Натуральный продукт без консервантов, ароматизаторов и стабилизаторов. 150 р.

Sales representative in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region: Dirin Nikita


Phone: +7-911-701-74-67

e-mai: dirin.nikita @ gmail.com



Recommendations on nutrition in child care centers are always engaged, is engaged and will remain one of the leading places. Of child nutrition affects their normal growth, development and health. The baby better resistance to various childhood diseases, including infectious, if the power is supplied to it rationally.


To improve the nutritional status of children, especially in winter and spring, when the intake of fresh fruit and berries reduced, can be used in the children's diet, fruit and berry drinks. In addition, to optimize the prevention of acute respiratory diseases by using the effective stimulation of immune factors protect the child's body. This task will help to manage natural extracts of medicinal plants, which have a complex tonic, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects soft.


The company "Solagift" is phytococktails Siberian natural ingredients: cranberry, blackberry and wild rose with cell sap of fir. The main advantage of phytococktails is that they are produced by direct extraction. The unique technical equipment and gentle temperature up to two decimal places and strict control at all stages of the production cycle of the product allows you to keep the taste of fresh berries and valuable properties of vitamins and other biologically active substances.


Phytococktails enriched with cell sap fir, containing a range of nutrients: vitamin C, provitamin A (carotene), flavonoids and phenolic compounds, macro and trace minerals, including zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper. A valuable component of the cell sap is maltol fir - the strongest natural antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals. The product maltol is complexed with iron, which is well absorbed by the body. Cell sap of fir - is an all-natural, environmentally friendly product that is most preferable for the health improvement of children.


Cell sap of fir effective in strengthening the immune system and mobilize the body's own during seasonal exacerbations of respiratory infectious diseases, anti-inflammatory effect in respiratory diseases. It improves physical and mental performance, increases resistance to stress, prevents fatigue, stimulates the blood and is preventing iron deficiency, has an antioxidant effect, so can reduce the negative effects of the use of antibiotics, sulfonamides and other drugs, and reduces the negative effects on the technological factors which depress the immune, nervous and digestive systems of children.


Thus, with the cell sap phytococktails fir recommended for daily use as a restorative and tonic. The product is a source of vitamins and other natural products for a growing child's body. Phytococktails enhances immunity and improve the body's defenses to various pathogens of viral infections, improve the digestive system, helping to better cope with increased physical and mental stress, stimulate blood, has an antioxidant effect, which reduces the negative impact on the body of man-made factors. Do not contain GMOs, dyes and fragrances.


Sincerely, General Director of "Solagift" A.K.Kurgano





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