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  • 2 weeks later...

im sorry one and all for this request. ive not looked at sla for a few years now. i was sick of the nothingness and ambiguity.


could someone be so kind as to briefly summarise the events of the last 12 months or so. i would be most appreciative.


i still hold quite a few and have mentally written my shares off. ive lost a bucketfull here but blame noone but myself.


thanks in advance for any forthcoming summaries.

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Shares have been suspended since March 2012.

I can only assume that Vagif has been looking for a finance agreement that he is happy with, that keeps him at the helm of the company. He has failed to achieve this.

There should be a notice coming out by the end of the month. Dont get to excited about it though.


All in all, you've used your time wisely by not following the Solagran story for the last few years.

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From Valutech 15/2/13



SLA - Solagran Ltd.

Quirky company drawing on technology from Russia. There has been little of substance presented on this company as clinical trials in Australia have only just started and any investment would be highly speculative at this stage. Following listing in September 2003, prices fell by over 60% to July 2004 with a subsequent 40% recovery and then a 50% jump in November 04 associated with completion of phase II clinical trials in Russia and a distribution agreement with Cardinal, followed by a gradual 44% decline and recovery in 2005 and early 2006 associated with approval of Ropren in Russia which finally occurred in July 2007. In terms of substance, the nature of the company and its products are very hard to interpret until trials are completed in Australia or the US. The market value of $44 million in 2010 was high with respect to fundamentals with revenues still minimal. There was a speculative jump (up 97% in 2006) associated with preliminary results for trials by Swinburne University and activities overseas and a further 242% increase in 2007 associated with distribution agreements and clinical trials in Russia, information on trials in Australia, the deal with Bioprospect Ltd and registration of Ropren in Russia. Shares fell 86% in 2008 as a result of fall out from Opes Prime and overall market malaise. The company still needs to gain revenue and carry out further trials in Australia to provide credibility. Until this is done, there could be further falls in value and there was a further 13% slide in 2009 and then a doubling of price relating to significant new investment in July 2009, forthcoming product launch in Russia and push for FDA acceptance of Bioeffective A as a dietary supplement (up 56% in 2009). Down 46% in 2010 with sales commencing in February 2010 and projected sales of US$15 million by December 2010 (not achieved). A dispute with Bioprospect did not reflect favourably on either company but was settled with Solagran selling its BioProspect shares. Due to lack of meeting milestones, prices down 57% to $20 million in 2011. There has been a further 33% decline in 2012 to $13 million and a new MOU with a Russian nutraceutical company. Shares suspended for nine months due to failure to lodge half yearly report and removal from the list is imminent. (7/2/13)




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