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What would you do to usurp such realities Diana if you wereone of the bosses of SLA?


I would imagine they would seek access to the US markets and their health insurers purses. The next trick is to figure out a way of doing that.


The easy way would be to team up with a company that has clout in those markets. I guess that is what Merck is kicking around in the shadows for.

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Hi Turiya,


Any more than one tube at a time would be a waste for me. The last tube I received only had about four months to go before it was due to expire, I just kept using it past the expiry date.


So I am assuming that Sigma threw out (or got a refund for) a quantity of Bioeffective Gel that had past the expiry date and didn't order any more.


Regretfully, the product works well for the purpose I use it but not to the extent that I will pay $30 for it.


If the product is only going to be available through Pine Needles, then, from a shareholder perspective, that is a marketing disappointment.


As a side note I found it of interest to read your previous posts. Do you have a working interest or close contact with Pine Needle Products? If so, can you indicate what their sales are like?

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As I maintain the vigilant wait for something new to be published I keep refering to information on the website.

80 years of Russian Medical research. The batten being passed to the Dr Vagif, nominated as the 4th generation leader to drive this research an technology.

The Russian govt acknowledging the impact these drugs can provide and supporting the coy in gifting the coy land in a growth economic zone.

Slowly but surely .... ????☀

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It is really very hard to see where anyone can derive any sense of optimism for this company. I am glad to be able to still buy their products but how anyone can watch what has unfolded over the past 12 months and still be filled with any positivity about what is happening here, or not happening here. Yes. it is the same old story that the director is doing his utmost for shareholders to keep the company going, I have heard this too many times in the past to give it much credence now. I am sure it is true that he is trying to resurrect the company but I doubt it is for shareholders. There have been too many missed opportunities that would have provided returns to shareholders but rather than taking these opportunities they have been pushed aside for bigger yet illusive prizes.


Where are the Bio A sales to Malaysia, the Middle East, the Ropren sales to Indonesia, internet sales, let alone sales to hospitals in Russia - the list goes on. People who post unbridled optimism here do themselves a disservice, they diminish themselves in the eyes of all others. The company has a track record that no one can argue against, to say otherwise is an untruth. It is easy to post platitudes about directors efforts, tell shareholders to call the company, but to what purpose? Will it help the company to relist earlier so that people who have their life savings on hold can have a say about where to direct their investment, some how I doubt it. What is the point about contacting the company when there is nothing you can do with your shares?


Until the company genuinely communicates with its shareholders through statements released to the ASX, everything posted here on what the company is doing is all lies. It is a truly sad state of affairs that we remain in the twilight zone, and the company has nothing to say. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to why the company has nothing to say, it is obvious to me.


One day something will happen.


Regards Charles

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23.11.2012Tomsk Oblast Governor Sergey Zhvachkin met with Deputy Minister for Economic Development of Russia Oleg Savelyev.





Although SEZs are a federal project, key to the success of a SEZ is the regional government's position. Tomsk Oblast government has a positive position, so the residents, the innovative companies have positive results," Oleg Savelyev noted.


"Since the Soviet times we have advocated close relations of academia and business and there is no better way to achieve that today than the special economic zone. We will continue developing our SEZ. It is one of the key development priorities of Tomsk Oblast," commented Sergey Zhvachkin.


If the new Governor is just as enthused about sla as his predecessor, than hope spring eternal!




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They're only copycats if they can produce an equivalent purity of "pine needle extract". With a supply ability of 2 tonnes per month??? The expensive SibeX megafab certainly cannot compete!





It matters not what the company officially releases to market, talk has always been cheap at Solagran. Until that changes, same old, same old. Fire off an email to Artlife detailing your interest for Hepato..the response may surprise you. Getting information from sources other than the company is the point i'm trying to make.



Back in August of this year Solamind underwent a distribution of sorts affecting it share structure. Soultanov now controls in excess of 80% from a previously held 15%, as a result, the member count dropped from 16 to a paltry 4. This could be seen as a defensive move to contain liability to fewer members, given the ongoing litigation.


Nonetheless, court orders should be out shortly in the Gun Capital Management VS Solamind/Solagran/Soultanov trial. I believe this to be the finale to litigation. If it's a favourable outcome for Soultanov he'll be talking the talk come director re-election time. I'll wager both testicles on it.



Right Kanga?





Buona fortuna shareholders

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So according to this, we should hear something in Jan 2013 at the latest as trial will happen this month.



Order Entered


Order Entered






No: (P)WAD223/2010


<H1 style="PAGE-BREAK-AFTER: auto; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; TEXT-INDENT: 0cm; MARGIN: 6pt 0cm; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; mso-pagination: none; mso-list: none; tab-stops: right 414.0pt; mso-padding-alt: 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm">Federal Court of Australia </H1>District Registry: Victoria


Division: General









SOLAMIND PTY LTD (ACN 082 203 772) and others named in the schedule





SOLAMIND PTY LTD (ACN 082 203 772) and others named in the schedule


Cross Claimant



GUN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PTY LTD (ACN 091 221 546) and others named in the schedule


Cross Respondent









Justice North





6 September 2012













1. By 12 October 2012, the applicant is to file and serve written submissions in support of its claims.


2. By 16 November 2012, the respondents are to file and serve their written submissions in response.


3. By 30 November 2012, the applicant is to file and serve any written submissions in reply.


4. The proceeding be referred to mediation before a Registrar of the Court, such mediation to be completed by 24 October 2012 and the outcome reported to the Court by 31 October 2012.


5. The trial is adjourned to a date to be fixed in December, after 10 December 2012 for two days.





Date that entry is stamped: 11 September 2012


(for) Deputy District Registrar



No: (P)WAD223/2010


Federal Court of Australia


District Registry: Victoria


Division: General



Second Respondent: SOLAGRAN LTD ACN 002 592 396





Second Cross Claimant: SOLAGRAN LTD ACN 002 592 396





Cross Claimant: SOLAMIND PTY LTD ACN 082 203 772


Second Cross Respondent: ELIAS (LEO) KHOURI


Third Cross Respondent: MINING INVESTMENTS LTD







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