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Still trading .... No liquidation sales here !!!!!

Trading insolvent is a whole different league which we thankfully have not entered.

Really i have joined this conversation to add some 'glass half full' comments and grown tired uninformed speculative comments.

The investor number is one, how about trying the general switchboard number !!!!



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More than happy with his approach .... Protecting his, scientists, mine and other investors interests


I'm sorry, but he's not protecting my interests at all. He hasnt for quite some time now.

We all invested in this company to make money, and all we've made are heavy paper losses.


The Siberian Red Twitter feed hasnt been touched in over 3 months. I havent bothered to check the Facebook page but I would imagine it is the same. Social media, what a cheap way to advertise your product and your business.... :rolleyes:


The doctor (and I use that term loosely) is looking after his own interests, not anybody else. He wants to ensure that he can retain control of his company.


Anyone know when/if Vagif needs to put himself up for re-election?

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You are quite right kanga. The good Dr (and I use the term with precision), by looking after his own interests as a major shareholder, by keeping a tight grip on the IP and not diluting our holdings is most certainly looking after all shareholders interests. If he didn't give a damn, he could have walked away years ago, but he works on diligently with the utmost endeavour (and no doubt great personal cost) to see his science through to successful commercialisation. The fact that he has not yet announced that he has identified and negotiated a suitable commercialisation arrangement is simply a market reality. We don't all get what we want exactly as and when we want it. No one ever said life was fair and everything always goes according to plan, so those of us who have not yet grasped that concept, need to get used to those unwelcome market realities.



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And now you can't get Bioeffective Gel through any retail shops.


Solagram had an arrangement through Sigma to supply the Gel through Amcal Chemists. I have used a local Amcal store to put in a special request for me previously (not an item they kept in-store). I didn't get charged for the freight.


When I tried to order yesterday they rang through and were told it is a discontinued line from Sigma.


Without sounding too cheap I don't feel like paying $9 freight on a small tube from the Pine Needle mob when I can get a case of wine from Adelaide or Melbourne to Brisbane for $5.


Does anyone get their Bioeffective Gel through anywhere cheaper than Pine Needles?

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Market reality ...


There are so many components, but mostly I refer to the difficult investment climate, negative sentiment and the challenges of getting a new product into the collective psyche that dominates the medical fraternity who hold the reigns of power. There is also a great deal of patch protection from companies who might consider SLA's products as a threat to their own. I could go on, but I think that is enough to indicate my line of thinking to a fellow of your considerable intelligence.


All the best


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