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While on the subject of meetings, take a look at ADO.


Meeting not announced til 17/10. Yet in a seperate communique on 13/09 it was indicated the AGM would be held on 25/10. It was held the 25th. But look at the strange wording of the notice. Unless you are on the registry on the 23rd you are not allowed to vote. What were they expecting to happen on the 24th if it were to happen?


Typically, it has been my observation, companies that do things like this when it comes to the AGM are usually a company in play. The play can come from a divided board or from active shareholders furthering their own agenda.


Merck have been associated with this company and Merck are Citigroups clients. I can only surmise a takeover is about to materialize given the wording of the notice.


The same is possible with SLA but the situation is different given the suspension and dearth of information. Which means there is hope yet for shareholders.


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Nothing to do with SLA of course. The place for that speculation was the ADO thread.


Oh no its not. Pilko was once very sure of himself when he said Merck was the buyer of SLA. Merck may well be the buyer of ADO as well since it is obvious they have something they want to say but can't. They take their NDA's very seriously according to the AGM presentation.


If the buyer is the same in both companies then it is kind of logical to think that they will move on both companies at the same time. Therefore one cannot be removed from the other as disparate as ADO and SLA may appear.

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hay all, i have held on to my slayers fro years now with the hope of the promised good things coming to pass.

i gave up on reading about sla cause in my other mind i had given up.

could someone be so kind enough to provide a very brief summary of the events of the last 12 months?

i would be most grateful

thank you

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No AGM in calender year 2012, but from what i'm told the company still plan to hold one at some stage.


I'm fairly certain Vagif has received several approaches from entities wishing to fund Solagran to different degrees, but I would have a guess and suggest that none have met his strict criteria, ie he continues to retain his vice like grip on the company and eventually see his name up in lights.

Got to give him credit for avoiding the wrath of disgruntled shareholders for a full 12 months though. bravo.


The next date to watch in the Solagran train wreck is 26 February 2013.

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