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the word stumble would be more appropriate tha freefall...after all a few cents going to zero can't be termed freefall...it has already "freefallen" wouldn't you say...albeit slowly. Chairman sited in Barbados...The " Chairman" a wrestler famous for smacking down his opponents with a chair was recently sited in Babados at a sleazy bar...lol. Couldn't resist some silly humour...fun probably more fact then fiction. Is Vagif still married?
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Hello Mr Livas , the post you made on the 25th of May about the Russian Ministry of Industry, was that one of the possible sources of cashflow the company was talking about in their 4C explanations. was that the 15 million rubles they were waiting for or some other figure they had hoped to receive.
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If that were the case Mr Livas , would i be right in saying that if a company makes an announcement about something happening which is positive , that, if that thing ends up not happening , there is some sort of protocol that would expect the company also announce that thing did not happen. .... OR does that the fact that a company is suspended from trading give them some sort of leave pass from that obligation.
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