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Hi all

We are still under consideration

03.02.2012 17:46:07 Production of the original Russian pharmaceutical products based on herbal substances Kurganov, Alexander Kuzmich Tomsk Region





but maybe tomorrow




05/03/2012 Meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency Strategic Initiatives Source PRESS ASI



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Anyone want to sell shares in SLAS for 1 cent apiece?


pilko, you still have not learned, if that was a serious offer you would be swamped, 0.001 would be more realistic if you insist on taking a gamble.

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whilst we are on the subject, this may be of interest to some www.delisted.com.au, if you want check your options and ensure you read and understand the product disclosure document before entering into any agreement, and seek professional advice if unsure.
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Hi all



May 6 2012, 01:05 | Tomsk Oblast

Tomsk innovators presented their development at an international forum

Tomsk region presented a collective exhibition in Moscow at the XIII International Forum "High Technologies of XXI Century", held under the project "Innovative Russia - 2012".

As the press service of the regional administration, in the collective exposition of the Tomsk region Tomsk included 25 organizations and companies that submitted their development in the field of electronics, biotechnology, medicine, nanotechnology, new materials, energy conservation, and ecology. The most popular submissions from the following companies: JSC "Solagral Sun", JSC "technology market", LLC "Mikrosplav", JSC "Medical and Environmental Center," Dune ", LLC" Biola ", LLC" RUSLED. "

The forum was held the competition, "High technology - the basis of economic modernization and industrial development", aimed at identifying the most promising in the scientific, technical and commercial innovation on projects to determine their competitiveness. Results have been submitted 150 applications. Tomsk innovators were based on the results of the competition five medals Forum:

Among them: The Institute of Nondestructive Testing - for the development and fundamental research to identify the electrocardiographic changes and mikrovoltovogo nanovoltovogo signal level to the early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, Inc. "Medical and Environmental Center," Dune "- for the ultrasonic device for the rehabilitation of the abdominal cavity in postoperative period, "EFA 4", ICS RAS and OOO "Sphagnum Peat" - for the technology to produce biologically active substances (BAS) of peat in Western Siberia and the creation of an environmentally-friendly products for use in medical, cosmetic industry and agriculture, NO TPU - for all-mode modeling complex real-time electrical power systems Ltd. "Diagnosis + 'and State University - for the automated control system procedure, intravenous medications and monitoring patient parameters.

As noted in the Regional Committee for Science and Innovation Policy, presented Tomsk scientific and technical developments that have become a commercial product and is successfully working on the economy of the region, confirmed the high scientific and technical potential of the Tomsk region and its investment attractiveness. Companies were able to establish new business contacts, showcase their products a wide range of potential customers, partners and investors.





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For what its worth I put in an official complaint to the ACCC.Of course these matters cant be answered overnight.I have been told up to a month. Two weeks to go. I did get an email to say they are looking into the problem. Keep everyone informed
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