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These negotiations seem to have been going on for a considerable time and seem to be almost coming to a conclusion one way or other. The sticking point seems to be how much %age of the company Vagif is prepared to let go - the other alternate seems to be Salim - but one way or other it seems we may have to let a certain %age of company go to those willing to lend a hand

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it sure does.

probably just lost in translation?


I'm starting to not care what %age of the company we lose, just as long as we get some fricking developments.

As always, Vagif trying to remain in control. If he really had the interest of his shareholders in mind, he would have done whatever it took to get some decent sales of ropren by now. Cut your losses big man, and get the product to market, whatever it takes.

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Could someone please tell me why they want to build a new plant to make 3000kgs a year when they already have a plant that makes sufficient to satisy demand now and into the future.I f those six hospitals who promised to use Ropren when it was approved then maybe .maybe we might need a new plant. LOL Bam Bam who said we were giving a % to someone They are going to give us a loan,which could probably used to promote Ropren.How are we going to pay that back!!!
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LOL Bam Bam who said we were giving a % to someone They are going to give us a loan,which could probably used to promote Ropren.How are we going to pay that back!!!


How believable are any previous announcements by Solagran?


If someone keeps putting roadblocks infront of volume sales of ropren, perhaps they want a stake in the company as an incentive for them. i wouldnt rule anything out at the moment.


Another comp for free Siberian Red giftpacks.


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Could someone please tell me why they want to build a new plant/quote]



The Salim Group is Indonesia's biggest conglomerate.


IMO SLA are seeking to diversify.The products listed for the Asian market will contain Bio R.


I understand that the proposed plant will produce all SLA Bio's.


I guess its possible the lack of Ropren sales is about who gets what in Russia,but I suspect it more about the process ( the noise ) of government procurement.


It's also possible that Ropren has limited efficacy but no one can prove that ( thanks to the company containment.... :dry: ) , and the info I have from Russia and elsewhere ( public & private) points to its benefits.


What did Forrest say about CST share price gyrations in the past......LOL :laugh:

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Hi all

the same



Agency strategic initiatives approved Tomsk project to create new drugs to treat diseases of the liver http://obzor.westsib.ru/i/n/2012/02/362769.jpg Public Advisory Council of the Agency Strategic Initiatives (ASI) has approved the draft of the Tomsk pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs to treat diseases of the liver. Council meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held on Monday, February 17, during the IX Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, attended by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the press service of the city administration.


As a result of the project "Production of the original Russian pharmaceutical products based on herbal substances", initiated by the Company "Solagral Sun", Tomsk company will launch the newest class of drugs used in treatment of liver diseases. New drugs will be obtained through the use of complex multi-step organic extraction-saving technologies of nutrients from the green wood of coniferous species.


The negotiations on joining the Tomsk production in a number of projects the agency with the leadership of ASI led the deputy mayor of Tomsk Investment Denis Molotkov.


"Our producers need assistance at the federal level to overcome the administrative barriers in the original registration of pharmaceuticals. Today they have a certain difficulty - to simplify the procedure for conducting clinical trials and help the integration of production in the Tomsk lists of recommended drugs Health Ministry of Russia "- said the deputy mayor.


Also Molotkov Dennis said that "San Solagral" counts on the help of the ASI in the structuring of transactions to attract nearly 1.5-billion loan to the organization of production.


As a result of online voting for the evaluation of business projects, which took place at the site of the ASI, the Tomsk project was the 4th of 14, gaining 237 votes.


LLC "San SolagralÃÆâ€â„¢ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ¢Ãƒ¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’…¡ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒƒâہ¡ÃƒÆ’‚» (Solagran Son, "daughter" Australian Solagran) is a resident of Tomsk SEZ. Pilot production company located in the city of Tomsk, and Vishny Volochek Tver region.


The project to build a new pharmaceutical production in the Tomsk SEZ is designed to introduce the company is scheduled for 2015. By that time supposed to start production on the market for a number of new original drugs - the planned range of up to 15 items. The annual projected revenues in 2019 will amount to 29,614 million rubles. The project provides for the entry of drugs and food additives overseas countries such as Australia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, United States.

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