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I'm not allowed to post here chiller. Positive people have been banned and all that is left are the misery guts club who say they have sold but still spend their lives posting a variety of rubbish and abusing anyone who dares to post something of value. Then there is L1 ... the exception to every rule here, so I still visit to read his posts. :biggrin:


General comment ...

Some folks here seem to think all the Russian Government have to do is think of ways to inconvenience SLA. How bizaar. It's a very good thing that they have abandoned the essential medicines list. It was a graft machine and it's very hard to see how it would benefit the populace at large. The new system should be better. Just another bump in the road and if the Russian Government wanted into the pharmaceutical industry, they would be there already.


SLA products are excellent (with many more opportunities to come) and they will gain meaningful market share eventually. You're just not going to make a mozza right now and because you have shot your mouths off to your mates and feel stupid, you are upset. Probably been demeaned by your wives as well. It's turned you into a bunch of sad and sorry sore heads. So that's why I don't bother to post here ... unless of course I have something meaningful to say. :graduated:



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Yes certainly looks like someone is orchestrating running the company into the ground, and then it will be reborn under a new name with all control going to whoever it is inventing the roadblocks.


Nobody beleives the 5 year crap thing suddenly coming up at this point in time, i wonder where that rule is written, bet ASIC won't be able to find it either. I'm sure on the application there is a Q that would say ,


"Has the company been in business for greater than 5 years?" and then you tick the NO box and you only wasted 5 minutes, not years.


Salim has had years, and can't get a single product off the ground and into stores, maybe he doesn't actually want to.

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Hi Di,


Thanks for your post, although you didn't answer the question.


Grommit I find it very interesting that Salim seems to have sat on the sidelines and yet has tipped a reasonable amount of money in to the company. When he was first represented on the board, the mantra was less science more sales, for some reason though this has changed into more science no sales. It is most strikingly odd. It may be that the most effective means of entering the Indonesian market is to conduct local trials, however the company must have been aware of this prior to the promised launch of Pine Pure products in June/July this year. In fairness we do not know what is required to conduct trials in Indonesia. At this stage I am inclined to believe the company that Salim is not interested in taking it over and that they are still genuinely trying to progress the Pine Pure products. Just as with most things it takes longer than originally planned. Does it mean that the marketing (trial results) will be ready soon, no idea, will they be ready in time to provide the company some needed revenue, no idea. At this stage we can only hope so.


Cheers Charles

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Charles, whether I continue to hold or not is not a valid question. I have never considered it appropriate to discuss holdings on a public forum, but all and sundry know that I think posters who post on forums where they don't hold stock, are really sad, sad individuals who don't have a life, so draw your own conclusions. :graduated:


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Now, that's a bit harsh isn't it, diana?


Shouldn't be necessary to hold a stock to have an opinion on it, especially if one has it on a watchlist and seeks to provoke discussion - pro and con.


Might be a good idea to have posters state their interest though so that others know "from whence they come".


Personal attacks on others are deplored though and should be moderated out of the system, IMO.




Disc: Not holding SLA

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So that's why I don't bother to post here ... unless of course I have something meaningful to say


Which is very rare in my opinion.

I am not sure why you always feel the need to speak down to people that have differing opinions to your own.


Below are a couple of recent tweets from the SR feed. Product promotion really hasnt made much of a mark. Not quite as much as I had hoped for.






"I have been taking Siberian Red for the past 3 months and have noticed a dramatic difference in my workout performance and my general well being - I have more energy and decreased levels of fatigue.


My day-to-day workout encompasses an intense and physically demanding workload including endurance and sprint running, weights, swimming, cycling and boxing. I have noticed a vast improvement in my general health and my endurance for improved working performance.


Siberian Red has replaced other iron supplements and some energy supplements in my diet. I would recommend Siberian Red to elite athletes and for people who are feeling tired and fatigued."


- - Liam Anthony, North Melbourne Football Club.

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