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It wasn't my intention to point to the mechanisms of action of Ropren. It would seem that you are much better placed to do that. My intention was to point to the myth of 'cause and effect' because it over simplifies the confluence of factors acting on all of us at all times. For example; 'What is the cause of the cause?'
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lol sirob! What do you think?




1. Putin received letter and within a couple of week send a high powered delegation. ( coincidence ?)

2. Soon after, a week long visit by Deputy Governor to Melb. ( Another coincidence?)

3. Than within a few months get invitation to skolkovo and partnership negotiation. ( more coincidences!? )


I shake my head in bewilderment reading the self flagellation and cynicism that pass through this forum disguise in the form

of so called critical analysis. When you tackle something as complex as doing business in Russia you need more than one dimensional thinking! At the end of the day, it is an individual judgement call.

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Said Turlya,

"Your objection is actually supportive of the points made in the post with the exception that you neglected to ask the question; 'Do you see the living systems view in opposition to the medical view? The capacity to see/understand that a living systems view is transcendent of a mechanistic/reductionist view is only possible when you become more interested in integration over differentiation. It is not superior or better, just higher because it is more subtle. All developmental trajectories develop from gross to subtle and evolution in all its forms have developed following the principle of 'transcend but include'; that is, the ingredients of the lower level create the causes and conditions for the higher possibility."


My case rests.


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yes something does cure alcoholism,and once alcoholic always an alcoholic......you know nothing about the world, and that post is the worst post on all forums i have ever read.goodluck with your life and hope the bumps in the road are only small ones for you
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There you go again BB ... see you cannot even comprehend a very simple sentence. The Natural Order is nothing to do with me or my opinions, philosophy of life, value systems etc. It's natural law. It's the way the world actually works. The constant irrational interventions to the most extreme degree by liberal democracies eventually leads to their collapse and that's where we are heading right now. Rules and regulations to protect the profiligate and shore up the salaries of legions of unproductive people in places like the FDA and the people who administer the TGA who's facade of protecting the public actually works against the public interest. If the TGA can prevent (and it can and does) the use of products such as CGNC in chook food, then the world has indeed gone completely bonkers.


I wonder when they will reintroduce comprehension in junior schools so that children learn what written words and sentences actually mean. Probably they won't because then people would understand what the effect of government policies actually is and what they do to the lives of ordinary people. :unsure:



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