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Living Cell Technologies was fast running out of cash and facing closure within months before yesterday's announcement of a deal with the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, part of a large Japanese group whose products include sports drinks, cancer drugs and intravenous solutions.


"We had three to four months left of liquid capital," said Living Cell acting chief executive Professor Bob Elliott. "The balance sheet told you the company was going to go out of existence at around Christmas time."


But it has been saved from that by a A$25 million ($32.3 million) injection by Otsuka.


uncanny, could have been written for SLA.




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I gave you a thanks because you have just highlighted that SLA is worth saving meaning we have a product that works and viable.


Thank you Tocs. I actually do believe SLA are worth saving and hope someone will come forward with support before it's too late, and by support I mean both financial and leadership, it will require both. Unfortunately I have not seen anything conclusive that convinces me that the products actually work and at present are a long way from viable. I do however believe there is significant antidotal and partial research to warrant further serious investigation. In essence I would like to see a big Pharma take a stake and put this drug through world class tests and trials and then market it to the world.


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I would want to see what the medical world wants to see and what millions of potential customers want to see. I want to see international interest and recognition. I want to see documented and proven results of the benefits to users. To date there has been little recognition within Russia and basically none elsewhere, why?
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I dont think boris wants certainty...there i a whole scale inbetween certainty and failure. I think solagran is far from certain....It would be a shock to say the Commonweath bank went broke tomorrow. It would be a lot less of a shock to say Solagran went broke.



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