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So from these two comments alone from Diana and stockrock it can be deduced the investment strategy required for SLA is don't worry about the time decay of money, the opportunity cost associated with it. Nor the corrosiveness of it on patents that may or may not provide upside to SLA or allow competitors to develop a rival product and get the jump on SLA in gaining market share through first mover advantage.


And why shouldn't we worry about it?


Because according to stockrock, when all said and done you will have a good chance of getting some upside.


I have a 50% chance of getting some good upside on my investment by calling heads when I flip a coin whilst drinking with my buddies at 2AM. At the casino the odds are slightly less but the upside is better for a return on my investment. At the track I can minimize risk by looking at previous runs and weighing up the track conditions with some consideration to the jockey. At my local pub, I have a blind chance with the pokies.


And then after all of that, I could consider SLA. Because as stockrock says, I have a chance of getting some upside. It's just not the kind of wealth creating strategy I like to put my money in to.

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"the fact is this entire industry is about to be rationalized"




I presume you are talking about Russia


I missed that announcement, can you please supply a link?


I occassionally browse the BLT thread, where you post regularly. Are your regular takeover or rationalization predictions ever accurate?





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Sounds like you should change your super plan to 'fixed cash'


I prefer a 'growth' plan and don't mind the risk associated with such a plan


Looks like there is a plan for all risk appetites.


Stick to your plan and I'll stick to mine. But thanks again for pointing out the risks. Though there is no shortage of people reminding us that SLA is a high-risk play at this very moment. But thanks anyway

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LOL ... then why are you here plastic and why do you spend half your life posting on BLT! :biggrin:


Cheer up ... a lot of us just don't like the sleaziness of your other options.


Talking of gambling ... GO THE AB's!


Can't wait for the Melbourne Cup either. I mostly do alright with that one. :graduated:



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That highlighted sentence sounds like it's already a done deal, hope so.


It certainly reads that way. As you should be aware SLA have a long track record for such statements, they are a hoped for outcome, no more. Accept the fact that the submission has been lodged and wait for the actual outcome and learn not to place too much on statements like the one highlighted, as for myself I totally ignore them as irrelevant at this stage.

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Agreed Sirob...also a reminder that the SP is about 95% below where it was 5 years ago. It will be the biggest comeback since Kevin Rudd if they can pull this one out of the balst furnace...it has certainly gone way past the fire...it is now in the furnace in the basement.
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