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Well said Livas.


When one is in the business of paradigm shifts and post-conventional thinking, one cannot know when conventional acceptance will start to emerge. The majority of the population wait to be told, what to do by an authority figure (in this case a doctor). The Bioeffectives range developed by SLA fit into this category, as well as being available to the population who are educated enough to take responsibility for their health.


I have posted on this forum on a couple of occasions attempting to point out this important difference, when one's thinking begins to understand 'living health', not just the avoidance of illness.


I am confident that SLA will ultimately be successful, mainly because of the means I am using to write this post. The internet, social media, testimonials based on peoples different experiences with bioeffectives, are slowly gaining traction, and will lead to an increase in sales volume. The Ropren story will do what it does, but because most of the building blocks are in place, when momentum begins, it has the capacity to go exponential in a relatively short amount of time.


My consistent integrated use of A, SR, and bio B over the past 4 years, leaves me with the first hand knowledge, that the benefits of these products, extracted from the live elements of pine, are possibly the most important products in the market place for meta health. I would encourage the regular posters on this forum, who seem to come from fear, doubt, and frustration to begin to take the products consistently and spread the word from their own direct evidence using all of the means that the information age affords.

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Over time, there has been a steady supply of users benefits, many here which have probably compiled details of these, like myself. Perhaps its time to take this to another level with a concerted effort from management to start a social networking page whereby we can list comprehensive personal details. As a social media page, we can do what management can not do, and that is make our own claims as to effectiveness, benefits and usage of the different bioeffectives. Time to move forward and get the details out there SLA.
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Hi Riley,

The link below is the beginning of what you are pointing too. The Pine Needle Products Team are starting to get into gear to tackle this comprehensively. If you or any other posters have a story you would like to tell, please send an email to info@pineneedleproducts.com. The team there will post them in newsletters and also on a blog site that is being set up to share testimonials.



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That countdown post is more like one of those "The end of the world is nigh!" predictions that cults come up with.


Then, when the world is still there at the end of the countdown they all go, oh, that was Mars over there, not Venus.... ummm... oh. It's next week! The end of the world is nigh!


Pretty much like Solagran. The sales of Ropren are Nigh!

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Hi Syd,


Understanding 'extracted from live elements of pine' is the key to understanding the whole bioeffectives story. The Pine species is unchanged over approximately 150 million years, and the needle is a very special adaptive mechanism, particularly in cold climates. When we ingest Siberian Red and Bio A, we are ingesting a pure extract. It is wholly from nature. SLA has patented the extraction process, which means that they are able to extract the living elements gently so that nothing is lost. Bio A has 800 biologically active compounds in its complex.


Because humans have a thought field capability, we tend to forget we came out of this planet in the same way as the other species which inhabit the planet. As living sophisticated organisms we can directly benefit from the living sophistication of the pine species, particularly its antimicrobial, immunity, repair, stress, blood building/cleansing and fatigue resistance qualities.

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