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Beauty, something to look forward to.


No bulk sales, no PinePure sales but we have a countdown clock for Siberian Red!




Cheers Charles

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3rd day without coffee in the morning and I've drank 1.5 litres over 3 days....


I'm a professional under periods of high-stress and requirement to focus for extended periods of time


I've noticed the following in the past few days (not sure if I can/should attribute the following to Siberian Red)


- No cravings for coffee

- High alertness and improved critical thinking (I'm linking things together with more ease)

- Ability to concentrate for longer periods (I'm usually easily distracted)

- Might be the cold weather.. but I've had 2 nights of deep sleep.. no interrupted sleep patterns (yet)

- I've acquired the taste .. it taste pretty good on its own or with green tea (although it looks black like coke if you mix it with green tea)

- I'm yet to catch a cold this winter (possibly due to BioA as well)

- My head feels clearer (as a general observation), but doesn't exactly get rid of tiredness.. uhuh I still get tired!

- No negative side-effects

- I made a 400% gain on my personal investment on trading FX (AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, GBP/JPY) over the past 2 days (errr.. maybe this is due to luck)



I'm thinking of introducing it to some of my team members and possibly my firm if I feel that Siberian Red is in fact improving my performance in the long term. Lets see

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So stockrock "- I made a 400% gain on my personal investment on trading FX (AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, GBP/JPY) over the past 2 days (errr.. maybe this is due to luck)"

As an FX trader of old,400% is very,very,very good going.Why would you bother with SLA with a track record like that?


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I mentioned luck for a reason.. my record isnt usually that great :sleep:


I made 9 trades over the past 2 days... I got stopped out on 3 trades and made considerable gains on 6 of these trades. It could easily have gone the other way... as you know .. on the FX market there are sometimes seconds between a great trade and a total loss. I managed to trade the volatility of the EUR/CHF (EUR at all time lows against CHF) and the reaction to the RBA minutes (yep I was on that trade when the AUD/USD dropped 20+ pips)


In terms of answering why I bother with SLA... I think I've stated my position plenty of times in the past. There is significant upside on SLA and I can see their connections with Federal Parliament in Russia bearing fruit very soon. From what I can read into the situation, the Federal Health Minister has helped organise two meetings between SLA and the Health Ministers of St Petersberg and Kemerovo. SLA could not have scheduled two meetings at such short notice with these two Health Ministers without intervention by the Federal Health Minister... two meetings with Health Ministers out of the blue? Don't think so... I suspect there is a considerable waiting list for scheduling such meetings .. the fact SLA got in the door so quickly leads me to believe that there is a high chance of success. Even if there is another cap raising required... so long as SLA secure some government backing, the funding will be minimal and easily secured.


Anyhow I could go on and on.. but in summary I invest in shares with significant upside potential. SLA is right up there with the best in terms of returns given its low market cap. My other favourite is in the lithium sector which I also have high hopes for (and yes they don't have cashflow as yet.. but other factors make me believe they are going to make it big via a substantial helping hand by another large company in the car manufacturing industry.. see the links?). I do however enjoy conversing with this lot in the SLA thread and look forward to seeing our company breaking new ground in the not too distant future.

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