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Interesting to read Deren Hinch's complications post operation regarding the liver transplant this morning. It would be interesting to understand the potential benefits that the use of Ropren within the procedure may have been able to have.


It was a very good press release the recent" Ropren in Liver Transplantation ?"

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Hi Herow,


We can only hope if they are a competitor that they suffer the same delays as Ropren. If they are not then I hope it makes it to market sooner than the time frame they expect, 5-6 years.


"The research work currently being carried out on the research agenda of Medical Sciences and at the expense of the institute, and the production of pilot batches of the drug - at the expense of our partners - OOO" Saentifik futures management "(Novosibirsk). We have also applied for funding for further work in one of the federal programs. If the money will be allocated, and that 33 million rubles in the initial stage, then in five years or six drug may reach the end consumer, "- said Zhdanov.


He said that before the drug is on pharmacy shelves, the scientists will conduct long-term studies and drug registration.




Cheers Charles

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OK Charles here are the facts...SP 5 years ago $1.55...promises broken...no news ever of any substance...gross and constant over-estimation of projected sales, income, product readiness. etc etc...company would be "gone" if someone who will remain nameless didn't step in and introduce Salim to the company so he could put in pocket change and prop it up and all those product (Asia) figures and release dates and estimates for Asia are way out...Long term management who are no longer with the company had their advices ignored to the detriment of product approvals and thus sales...on and on it goes but you guys keep believing the words and I will believe what I see and don't hear. I was one of the most staunch supporters of this company for years and then the reality started to become clearer so I made it a point to talk to people who were associated with SLA in the past. Please don't try and make a silken purse out of this one and furthermore the new drug mentioned today in posts is more likely to be ready before this team can get their act together...it is the biggest disappearing act of money ever...I bet Vagif isn't short of cash after all he did OK out of the massive management mistake called OPES did he not...or have we forgotten that after we were told that all the money recovered would be put back into the company. Well there is but a miniscule amount of FACTS for you to chew on...I wash my hands of it all.
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Hows about you sell your remaining 10% and move on.


Its easy to look back in hindsight and poke at all the things that have gone wrong. What SLA have achieved will never be good enough in the eyes of somebody who keeps looking back at the $1.55 pre-GFC, pre-OPES value of SLA.


The FACT is that SLA are supremely better positioned in terms of realising bulk sales of Ropren today than they were back when they were valued at $1.55. There are obvious cash flow problems which has resulted in our current position and share price, but the progress made should not be simply disregarded and replaced with the downfall post-GFC, post-OPES which seems to plauge your memory.


If you don't like where they are, move on and invest in something else. Others by choice or illiquidity will see if SLA are successful in getting on those govt lists in the next few months and will be better or worse off depending on their success. There is a lot riding on the next 3 months and if the govt. support fails to materialise into govt. bulk sales the SP will suffer accordingly. However if they get on those lists - then SLA will begin to reap the true benefits of their labour over the past 2 years in spreading the word of Ropren.


Much like the Carbon Tax in Australia driving 'clean energy' investment in the $billions over the next 5-10 years. Russia is undergoing a pharmaceutical revolution which will see $billions being pumped into the industry. SLA are well positioned and have obtained the support of the PM himself who has tasked Kurgy and some Federal Ministers to ensure that Ropren is available in the public health system. That was 4 months ago and SLA has applied over the past few weeks to be included on two govt funded programs to supply high-cost medical treatments to the general population at an affordable price.


SLA to ride a once in a generation political wave... lets see where it takes us.

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How is it easy to look back and review this investment?


How are we closer to bulk sales than we were?


Why were they valued at $1.55, and how did that help contribute to Opes?


Where will the 40million for the factory come from that they have been promising to invest in Tomsk?



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Oh yes I was forgetting the price being halved in Russia for Ropren...another well considered positive move that automatically halved the projected sales figures...Fact after fact...I can go on if you want more facts. However I am not trying to belittle any SLA punter's position I am just airing their linen. I will remain a shareholder though as no one will cheer louder than I if their fortunes ever change...at least I can say I held a few to avoid utter disapointment and the $2500 or so in shares I hold cab sit and wait and hope like so many of you good people continue to do.
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The FACT is that SLA are supremely better positioned in terms of realising bulk sales of Ropren today than they were back when they were valued at $1.55


That is no fact, the fact is SLA is currently an illiquid, extremely speculative stock trading at 13 cents. Ropren has been available on the Russian market for over twelve months and sales are dismal, true talks are ongoing with the Russian bureaucracy re bulk sales and the past indicates that talk is as far as it is likely to go. The product has to prove it is of benifit and to date it has failed to do this anywhere. Sorry Ropren has been released in Russia the sales results have been reported that's fact and has weakened the position of SLA

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