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thats all well and good, and they may be waiting for the final rubber stamp on something huge, or the final batch of ropren needs to be delivered to that russian bureaucrat who has been helping us along the way, or a thousand other excuses.

the fact remains that there is information on hand that could be released to patient shareholders, or even potential shareholders, but the company is just not interested.


thats good to know MLC. i'll be phoning also if we dont get any news today.


good story jezz. vroom vroom

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Hi all


I have managed to find another auction. This one was just published yesterday and is due to take place in April.

This is an auction for the treatment of tumours, and its the 2nd such auction that has had Ropren as one of the approved products... but this one is for a childrens hospital!!


Ropren is available in units of 30


Original link: http://www.rts-tender.ru/ViewReduction.aspx?id=4754


Translated link: http://translate.google.com.au/translate?h...N%26prmd%3Divns


Here is the doc: http://zakupki.gov.ru/pgz/documentdownload...umentId=3885267



Key details:


Trade Status:

Awaiting the start of trading

The form of trading:

A public auction in electronic form

Email Site on the Internet:


Notice number:


Short name of the auction:

Medicines for supporting therapy in hematology

The nomenclature of items:

2423656. Cytotoxic substances and symptomatic treatment of malignant tumors

Date and time of the deadline for applications:

04/01/2011 07:00 (+04:00 Moscow)

The expiry date for consideration of applications for participation:

04/06/2011 21:00 (+04:00 Moscow)

Date of public auction:

04/11/2011 06:55 (+04:00 Moscow)



Name of organization: fiscal health facility Omsk region "Regional Children's Hospital"



Ropren is the last one on the list






Единица измерения





100мг/мл-4мл, ампулы. Раствор для в/в введения. 15 штук в упаковке.





Фолиниевая кислота


200мг-4мл, ампулы, в/в. 5 штук в упаковке.







150мкг/мл (15млн.МЕ/мл)-1мл, флакон, в/в и п/к. 5 штук в упаковке.







300мкг/мл (30млн.МЕ/мл)-1мл, флакон, в/в и п/к. 5 штук в упаковке.







500МЕ. Лиофилизат для приготовления раствора для инфузий в комплекте с растворителем, с набором для разведения и введения-шприц, игла с фильтром, игла с воздуховодом.







Раствор для инъекций по 5мл в ампулах.





Факторы свёртывания II, VII, IX и X в комбинации


600МЕ, флакон. Лиофилизат для приготовления раствора для в/в введения.







400мг, флакон. Лиофилизат для приготовления раствора для в/м и в/в введения. 5 штук в упаковке.







400мг, таблетки покрытые кишечнорастворимой оболочкой. 10 штук в упаковке.





Глицирризиновая кислота+Фосфолипиды


65мг+35мг, капсулы. 10 штук в упаковке.





Глицирризиновая кислота+Фосфолипиды


500мг+200мг, флаконы 2,5г. Лиофилизат для приготовления раствора для в/в введения.







10мг, таблетки покрытые кишечнорастворимой оболочкой. 7 штук в упаковке.







4г, флакон тёмного стекла. Капли для приёма внутрь (в масле).



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Thanks Livas.


Excuse my ignorance but I don't get it. Is the Children's Hospital bidding to buy or is Solagran (and others) bidding to sell?


Funds have been allocated by who? Is there an approval process by the govt?



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Its the children's hospital bidding for Ropren (along with the other products in that list).


They are funded by the government. The auction process is a way of each institution to purchase the amount of products that they see fit to meet the needs of their patients.

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Hi utb


It is one of the handful of websites that have the auctions. Unfortunately, I havent been able to ascertain why some websites have some auctions for some regions. I do know there was a push in 2010 to have all the auctions moved to an online format... so they are out there, I just dont know the breakdown by website.


The other auctions i have posted about in the past have been from different sites.

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Well we have seen another week of declining shareprice and market sentiment that has seen our "investment" fall to depressing levels albiet in a depressing market.

Where is SLA heading and what do we see on the horizon?

From my viewpoint as a long term investor I will outline how I see the current situation and the forseeable future.

We have the announced launches of basically Bio A&B in Indonesia,Malaysia and UAE in the forthcoming months but what potential revenues do these launches represent?


I cannot help but ask myself the question of how long these products have been available in countries like Aust & NZ and their failure to gain traction in providing meaningful revenues to the bottom line and stemming the ongoing losses.If these products cannot gain public recognition in countries with a degree of disposable income available for own health issues then how are they going to provide volume sales in regions where the average persons income is well below those of our countries?

Perhaps SLA and Salim have other views on this subject but I would need some convincing facts and market projections before I changed my opinions on this subject.So far there is no information provided by SLA to generate confidence.


I will leave USA FDA approval aside at this point as timing and potential market estimates have been provided.


Ropren in Russia which I have always regarded as the potential profit generator, has so far been a total dissappointment and we are being provided with no information on forward estimates. The authorities appear to be recognising its need in their listings of required medicines but for some reason SLA are not gaining sales through the auction process.Livas is the one of the few sources available to keep us updated on this process.It would appear that Vagif & Co have accepted that it was too highly priced against competion but the almost halving of sales price has not corrected the sales problem. We really do need to be provided with further information but it would appear that communication with shareholders is a low priority.


I have already in previous posts highlighted my concerns in relation to the Board structure and how it fails to meet even the most basic of requirements of those recommended by supervisory bodies such as ASX and ASIC but I do not think that this will be corrected in the near future without vigorous shareholder agitation.The dangerous practice of a combined Chairman/CEO running a public company without scutiny of independent directors with authority is a recipe of impending disaster.


My patience and understanding has been fully tested and without early disclosure on many fronts from a comprehensive company update I think my support has finally waned

Cheers Bruce

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Hi Bruce,

thanks for your post. I think alot of holders feel the same way. I like the way you have outlined the bio a & b situation. If I may also add the point that the two countries where these products are being sold is

1. Where the company is based so they should have an excellent understanding of what is required to get sales rolling.

2. Ropren is being sold in Vagif's place of birth so the same principle should apply.


I suggest like others here that you contact the company on Monday to provide some answers.

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