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Re Quarterly - some comments:


Modest increase in sales from $192k to $312k.

Staff costs up by $235k to $1022k for qtr.

Advertising & Marketing up by $151k or $315% but not much improvment in sales.

What is the "Other Working Capital" $1,451k?

Looks like they will be hunting more cash after this qtr.

Am trying to retire and for yeats I've held SLA expecting they will support me. Looks like I might end up in a retirement home before they come good. Perhaps I'll join a commune.


Keep guessing crew.





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Hi Livas,Just trying to work out how many courses would have to be sold to recoupe $1 45M at the new price,and also thats an enormous cost to run the plant on top staff outlays which are already itemised,cannot now understand how they could possibly justify building a bigger plant when this one obviously costs more to operate than it returns
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Hi fossick


Here is one way of thinking about it


Lets say the company is producing 40kg of Ropren per month


Lets say, based on the quarterly, that the cost to do so is $2.5m (including staff costs and manufacturing costs).


They are clearly not selling 40kg a month, but they are obviously stockpiling for the anticapated volume sales through one of the federal programmes.


Lets say they sell 40kg per month at $600 a course. That is $4m in revenue.

(Yes there are other third party expenses (and taxes) to consider but on the flip side the 40kg per month is an understatement given the refinements in the production process).


So if we nett these two factors out (for the sake of the example), then the profit margin is quite healthy... $4m revenue - $2.5m costs


So what i am trying to show here (very simply) is that assuming the company can sell all its output, the plant and operation is quite profitable.


Obviously the company is very confident of acheiving this as they continue to spend the money manufacturing and building up stockpiles.

How much of it ends up selling in Russia and how much is sent to Asia for the Pine Pure range will be interesting to see throughout this year and beyond.

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Hi everyone


The Bio A gel is now available from pine needle products!!





<H2 class=product-title>Bioeffective Gel - NEW</H2>Skin Care


Pine Needle Products


'Nature's Healing Gel'

Bioeffective Gel is a unique combination of Siberian Conifer Needle & Aloe Vera extracts. It can be used for general purpose, minor wound treatment including:

  • Minor Burns
  • Cuts, Scratches and Abrasions
  • After Sun Care
We have trialled the product with a number of active and sports people including one professional cyclist for the treatment of saddle soars and the feedback has been outstanding.




Bioeffective Gel contains the same active ingredient as the other Bioeffective Products including the Bioeffective A Supplement and Siberian Red Sports and Nutrition drink, Conifer Green Needle Complex (CGNC).

CGNC is extracted from the needles of the Siberian Pine Forests which have the remarkable ability to thrive and resist disease in extremely harsh conditions including temperatures from -45 to +45 degrees C.

CGNC contains vitamins, minerals, fatty and resin acids, chlorophyll and carotenoids and is an incredibly potent antioxidant. This extract has been blended with Aloe Vera gel creating a potent, natural healing gel.



Usage: Ensuring the affected area is clean apply liberally 2 to 4 times daily. Also buying Siberian Red or Bioeffective A? Purchase Bioeffective Healing Gel as part of a pack and save: Bulk Packs and Deals

[/color] Please Note: GST will be added to the total for Australian buyers. Shipping is free on all Australian orders, please see Shipping Information for International orders.

$17.25 AUD



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Ropren is an extremely profitable product .. but obviously needs to be sold. Given the avenue taken by SLA, the practitioner take-up has been its main source of revenue. These have grown at a healthy rate. Thats about a 60% growth in revenue in the past 3 months... mainly from practitioner sales of Ropren. The growth in practitioner sales is crucial.. as it shows that Ropren is working and people of St Pets/Tomsk regions are seeking and accepting this treatment. Although not the large bulk purchases.. this stream of revenue will be consistently growing as more and more practitioners start prescribing Ropren.


The big V is obviously looking for the big fish.. and for whatever reason (my guess is pricing) these have not taken place in the past 6 months. Now that the price has been cut in half, lets hope that has made Ropren a practical choice (in terms of costs) for hospitals to take up in greater volumes. Although that is ofcourse the job of the Big V and the team in Russia to ensure that these auctions include Ropren going forward. No doubt the focus is on these auctions.. and in my mind it was the driver to the price cut.


The build up of stock may be concerning now, however if these auctions do take place and significant bulk sales go through - SLA will be able to meet significant demand. And this is a plausable scenario.. SLA are indeed in a position to capitalise if such an opportunity presents itself. And in my mind, a significant change has occured in Dec i.e. price has been reduced. This is likely to be the catalyst IMO.


In any case the business is definitely going forth as there are many other exciting prospects in the near/mid future. Bio A FDA approval is around the corner and so is the launch of the Pine Pure range. Burns Gel recently released and cosmetics range could be coming online in the mid-term. Also full Ropren trial results out within a week or two... its a new year and lots to look forward to. With things going quite underwhelmingly last year.. one way to look at it is that the only way is up from here on in!

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